Presnensky court of Moscow sanctioned the arrest of the former chief of criminal investigation Department OVD “Presnensky” Denis Romashkina, who was arrested on charges of abuse of office in connection with a shooting on Rochdelskaya street, which killed two people. Two of its members – associates of crime boss Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young)- already are in custody.

The judge Tatiana vasyuchenko agreed with the arguments of the investigation that only the accused is in custody will be able to fully ensure the smooth proceedings, reports “Interfax”. “The petition of the investigation to meet, to elect against Romashkina Denis A. the measure of restraint in form of detention until October 21,” reads the court order.

The court did not find sufficient evidence to satisfy the petition of protection about placing the accused under house arrest. The term of the preliminary investigation against the former police officer also was extended until October 21. Romashkina was detained in Moscow on September 27.

The result tightened the prosecution of another defendant in the case, a former security officer OVD “Presnensky”

Simultaneously, on Friday it became known that the investigation has toughened the prosecution of another defendant in criminal case about skirmish on Rochdelskaya street, Moscow, former police officer Ildar Shakirov, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to his lawyer Edward Ohanian. “Today’s result, we reclassified the charge from the article “Negligence” in the article “Abuse of power”. This article provides till 10 years of imprisonment”, – said the defender.

Shootout on Rochdelskaya street is associated with the arrest of prominent officials of the GSM TFR in Moscow – it is expected that with the help given to them a large bribe Shakro Young was trying to break up a case of extortion. He did it with the help of chief of interagency cooperation and private security TFR Michael Maksimenko, the head of the URC Committee Alexander Limonova and Deputy head of GSM TFR in Moscow, Denis Nikandrov. For their services these three, as believes a consequence, has received from the kingpin about $ 1 million. In late August, “Kommersant” wrotethat the case can charge and other police officers, hamper the investigation.

December 14, 2015 on Rochdelskaya street at the Elements restaurant skirmish between two groups of people. Then, two people died, seven were hospitalized. In the incident, according to investigating authorities, was attended by associates of Zakhary Kalashov, in particular the prisoner Andrey Kochanov (Italian) and a former employee of the KGB and the interior Ministry Eduard Budantsev.

January 21 was a criminal case about negligence (293 of the criminal code) in relation 24-the summer operative of Department of criminal investigation Department OVD “Presnensky” Ildar Shakirov and 29-year-old precinct Renata Zinnatulina. According to investigators, the police being on the scene, has been negligent and has not taken adequate measures to prevent crime.

Kalashov himself now charged with the organization of extortion of Joan Kim, owner of Elements restaurant, he also became a suspect in the organization of criminal community. Budantseva charged with the murder of two and more persons, Kochunov and another party shooting – Eduard Romanov – extortion. In late August, were also arrested six improvised Kalashov, who, however, denied their acquaintance with him.

The court arrested the former head of criminal investigation Department OVD “Presnensky” in the case of a shootout on Rochdelskaya street 30.09.2016

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