The court did not take custody of the civil wife of Colonel Zakharchenko Anastasia Pestrikova, which was caught at the airport of Samara while trying to escape to Cyprus with $ 16 million. During the meeting, RIA “Novosti” claimed that Pestrikova generally released after the expiry of the period of arrest without sanctions, but this information was not confirmed.

After the meeting, the lawyer Valery Tennikova told TASS that Anastasia Pestrikova was released on his own recognizance.

A measure of restraint for the wife of the Colonel, who found cash of 8 billion rubles, chose two days. Friday Pestrikova was taken to Moscow’s Basmanny court, where the consequence has addressed with the petition for the conclusion of the suspect under guards. However, after a few hours of its request, the UK withdrew, returning Pestrikova in the temporary detention facility on Petrovka street, where she spent the night on Saturday.

On Saturday she was released from the detention facility at the expiration of the maximum period of detention. “She remains a suspect in the case, she had to take a subscription about not departure”, – said the lawyer.

Pestrikova earlier in the course of the interrogation as a witness in the Moscow city court reported that it has from Zakharchenko minor child. Court was arrested about 16 million in the account Pestrikova on the grounds that they allegedly were proceeds of crime. According to the materials of the case, accounts were opened friend Pestrikova Lily Gorshkova at the request of Pestrikova, and initially the investigation suggested that these funds represent part of the enormous amount that the investigators found in the apartment of the Colonel’s sister.

Zakharchenko was detained September 9, 2016 in the framework of the investigation of abuse of authority. The next day he was charged with bribery and obstruction of justice.

However, it is famous not in connection with the detention, but because of the huge sums of money found in the apartment of the sister on Lomonosovsky Prospekt. The apartment in elite residential complex “dominion” were seized currency totaling over $ 8 billion. It was also reported 300 million euros, found in the accounts of family Zakharchenko in Swiss banks, and another 13 million rubles, 170 thousand dollars and 5 thousand Euro, was found in his own car. Zakharchenko denied any involvement in the money and declares the custom-made nature of the business.

After the arrest of Zakharchenko, “Novaya Gazeta” wrote about the relations of the Colonel-“billionaire” with former and current officers of the FSB, including Dmitry Senin and a Colonel of the FSB Sergei Gribanov. Senin escaped from Russia, using fake documents. According to the investigation, Dmitry Senin was a mediator in the transfer Zakharchenko bribe of 800 thousand dollars. As reported, officers of the married sisters to each other.

In addition to brother-in-law and common-law wife Zakharchenko, in a criminal case appears to be his father. Victor Zakharchenko is accused of embezzlement on a large scale.

Control “T”, which was led by Dmitry Zakharchenko, eliminated. Instead, he created the office of “P” with four departments which are engaged in fight against offenses in the sphere of production, processing and transportation of natural resources.

The court did not arrest trying to flee to Cyprus, the wife of Colonel Zakharchenko 30.09.2017

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