The arbitration court of the Moscow district has rejected the appeal of opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption Ivan Zhdanov at the Agency and system operators “Plato”, said Zhdanov on his page in Facebook. The plaintiffs tried to appeal the fact of the conclusion of the concession agreement between the Agency and the operator without a competition.

“This case is remarkable for the fact that in the end (although this issue was raised in court of each instance) of the concession agreement, we have not shown. That is made the decision to appeal the contract without the text of the Treaty itself, albeit with reference to its individual provisions. Thus, we have exhausted all effective ways of judicial protection system “PLATON”, though of course we will consider further opportunities of dealing with this system,” wrote Zhdanov.

The Fund of struggle against corruption Alexei Navalny has previously published a secret document, according to which the agreement of the state and the operator of the RTAS, the beneficiary of which is Igor Rotenberg, the son of a close to the President of Russian businessman Arkady Rotenberg, were concluded without competition, and the company, in fact, taxing with truck drivers not paying for it to the state. Rosavtodor has announced an agreement of commercial secrecy.

“Plato” is a system of charging trucks with a permissible maximum weight of 12 tonnes on account of damages when driving on Federal roads, who is in Russia on 15 November 2015. The system involves the use for calculation of payment of on-Board devices as well as route maps.

Its launch was accompanied by failures in work systems as well as mass protests by truckers: they complained of the injustice of the system, indicating that they pay the transport tax and excise taxes included in fuel cost.

It was planned that by March 1, 2016, the truck owners will pay 1.53 rubles for each kilometer, and then until 31 December 2018 – 3.06 rubles. But at the end of winter on the background of the protests of the drivers, the government froze the indexation of tariffs of the “Plato” until the summer of 2017.

On 7 October it became known that, contrary to the proposals of the Ministry of economic development, the system of collecting fees from heavy trucks “Plato” will revert to the full rate, as the test period of work, when the drivers were charged 1.53 rubles per kilometer, is coming to an end. The transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said: “I think that this decision can be made, should be discussed now, at the turn of 2016 and 2017″.

According to Sokolov, “today more than 14 billion rubles arrived in the budget of the Russian Federation, to the Federal road Fund,” in the system “nearly 700 thousand users.” “So this test period objective of the course is completed”, he said.

According to the Minister, to implement various road projects, “of course, I must return, to restore the financial model of the collection in this system, which was originally conceived at the start of this project.” Recall that initially the rate had to be twice – 3.06 rubles per kilometer, but it was decided to reduce after protests by truckers.

The court dismissed the Bulk of the operator of the “Plato” without showing the disputed agreement 17.10.2016

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