Meeting of the Moscow district military court (MOVS) in the case of Hassan Zakayev, accused of involvement in the seizure of hostages in the theatrical center on Dubrovka in October 2002, Wednesday, November 2, was postponed on November 22 due to the fact that not all victims failed to notify, it is reported in Twitter of the “Open Russia”.

As explained by the judge, the victims very much, and not all were able to find and deliver their agenda. As reported by the”Caucasian knot” from a court hall 852 of the victims are in Russia and 40 abroad. In the court profit is not less than 55 of over 900 victims.

As announced by the judge, 314 of the intended victims of the telegrams were not given, but the 68 – not sent for various reasons. The court announced the decision until the next meeting to notify those subpoenas were not directed, reports RBC.

A year ago, in December 2015, on the grounds that the party had not notified all the victims, MOVS returned the case to the Prosecutor. This time, as reported by RIA “Novosti”, the judge motivated the decision to postpone the meeting, “rights of victims”.

Victims who agreed to participate in the debate, said that he will be able to attend the meeting on November 22. Asked by the judge, who of the victims want to participate in the debate, hands raised about five people, said the correspondent of “Open Russia”.

On this day, the court had the petition of the defendant to adduce a certificate of illness of his mother. Also, the judge, despite the objections of the Prosecutor, granted a second motion Zakayev, who asked to be allowed a public defender.

About the arrest of Hassan Zakayev and the continuation of the investigation of the terrorist attack on Dubrovka Russia’s Investigative Committee announced in mid-December 2014. According to the SC, a native of Chechnya, who, along with Shamil Basayev and Dudayev Girijana developed the plan of capture of hostages, was wanted 12 years and was arrested while trying to enter Crimea from the territory of Ukraine on forged documents.

Zakaev is accused of participation in criminal community, preparation for the terrorist attack, aiding in the capture of hostages, attempt at murder of two and more persons, illegal possession of weapons deliberate destruction of another’s property. According to investigators, he was part of the organized criminal community which was headed by Shamil Basayev, and had complicity in preparing a terrorist attack and hostage taking at the theatre center, organized the delivery to Moscow of weapons and improvised explosive devices that have been used by terrorists.

26 October 2016 from the date of the storming of the theater was held for 14 years. On 23 October 2002 a group of armed militants led by Movsar Barayev broke into the theatre centre, which was the musical “Nord-OST” and for two days held hostage 916 people, including children.

On October 26 the assault, in which the terrorists were killed. Before the operation the ventilation of the building filed a soporific gas of unknown composition. His formula is still classified.
In total, according to official figures, killed 130 people from among the hostages, according to the assumption of the public organization “Nord-OST” – 174 people.

The court in the case of “Nord-OST” was postponed because not all the victims were able to deliver the agenda 02.11.2016

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