In Chuvashia sentenced juvenile youth who has been found guilty in the murder of a minor relative. The boy was stabbed to death in his sleep in his own bedroom. Before that, his older brother played computer games.

The judgment of the court 16-year-old resident of Cheboksary declared insane. Against him compulsory measures of medical nature in form of compulsory treatment in a specialized mental hospital with intensive supervision, reports the official site of Republican management of SK Russian Federation.

The Department stressed that detected in adolescent chronic mental disorder “is associated with special social danger for him and for others.”

It is established that on the night of 16 April 2015 in the city of Cheboksary teenager, being at home, stabbed in the neck, right collarbone and left wrist his sleeping 9-year-old brother, who from the received traumas has died on a scene.

“Their parents at this moment were sleeping in another room. The body was found by his father, waking up in the morning”, – stated in a press release.

As specified Agency “Pro City”, the suspect grabbed the knife after a long game on the computer. “The ninth-grader was sitting at my computer until 5 am. Then he went to my younger brother and slit the boy’s throat,” said a familiar family in which the tragedy occurred.

According to them, the elder brother “often wore black clothes and probably a collector knives”.

About the dead boy, his classmates said only good things: “He was always smiling and wanted to do no harm”.

According to the verdict of the criminal case a forensic psychiatric examination, the teenager at the time of the crime and at present can not realize actual nature and public danger of his actions and control them.

A criminal case was initiated on p. “in” part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder juvenile”).

The decision of the court has not yet entered into force.

In Chuvashia for the first time in the last five years began to rise, juvenile crime, says Regnum. In 11 months of 2015, the number of crimes committed by juveniles, compared with the same period of 2014 increased by almost 28% (from 318 to 487). They were made by 354 persons, which is 2.3% more compared with last year. The most serious juvenile crimes have increased from 16 to 56, a group of crime – from 156 to 242.

The share of crimes committed by juveniles has increased in the region from 4.6% to 5.3%, which is higher than the average Federal district. The Prosecutor’s office of the Republic believe that the growth due to socio-economic reasons and lack of effective work system of prevention.

Two students, killed with sticks boy received 9 years of a colony

Criminal case about murder in which the victim and the accused are minors, considered by the court of Transbaikalian edge. There is a sentence read by two students who killed sticks 12-year-old boy.

By a court decision each of the young killers will spend behind bars 9 years. To serve the sentence they are in an educational colony, informs an official site of Prosecutor’s office of the Russian Federation.

It is established that on 10 June 2015 convicted teenagers were in the village Gyrshelun drunk and “slight occasion started a fight with a familiar young boy.” During the conflict the drunken eighth graders beat up the victim, and then wooden sticks struck him multiple blows to the head.

The victim received heavy cherepno-a brain trauma, which has become a cause of death.

Let us add that the lost boy had lived in the town of Khilok, and in Gyrshelun came to visit my grandmother. On the night of June 11, a woman discovered the body of his grandson and reported the crime to law enforcement.

Investigators examined the scene, seized the murder weapon and other
subjects and samples.

After the detention of 14-year-old suspects, they were interrogated with the participation of parents, teacher and psychologist, reported the Agency “Заб”. “Teenagers confessed to the crime,” – said earlier in the management of the RF IC.

The court characterized the actions of the students on the item “in, g” of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code (“Murder juvenile, committed by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement”). The public prosecution requested for adolescents the maximum penalty is 10 years imprisonment.

The verdict is not yet in force.

The court of Chuvashia was sent to the hospital of a teenage gamer, Saratovskogo sleeping 9-year-old brother 21.01.2016

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