The Kiev district court of Simferopol detained for two months two more defendants in the case of the preparation of diversions on objects of infrastructure of the Crimea. About it RIA “news” have informed in court.

November 10, the Federal security service (FSB) of Russia reported about detention in the Sevastopol diversionno-terrorist group of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Then, they arrested three suspects who gave the confessions.

The court explained that two Ukrainian men were arrested last week, however, it has become known only on Monday, November 21.

One of those arrested is Colonel of the Main intelligence service of Ukraine Oleksiy stogny, the second Ukrainian officer Gleb Shabliy, said in court.
The hearing was held behind closed doors.

Stogniy and Sable took last week, the interrogation of the detainees showed in the program “Vesti of the week with Dmitry Kiselyov” on TV channel “Russia 1″. The arrest of the alleged Ukrainian intelligence has confirmed “to Interfax” on Monday, a source familiar with the situation.

Stogniy and Shabliy “worked on the cover story” doing business in Crimea

Colonel, senior officer of the 13th Department of the first Department of the Main intelligence Directorate of the defense Ministry of Ukraine Stogniy and the captain of the second rank, officer of the third division of the first Department to the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Shabliy said that he worked for the legend – led business in the Crimea. In reality, they were engaged in intelligence activities.

“Task – objects, infrastructure, ships of the black sea fleet, personal data on officers who are serving on the black sea fleet”, – said Stogniy. How, in turn, told Shabliy, at the direction of the Main intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, he was on a reconnaissance mission.

Intelligence agencies have established communication Sablia and Stogniy with three saboteurs who were detained earlier, the source said, RIA “news” in court. “All five detainees are members of one of the subversive group operating in Sevastopol,” – said the Agency interlocutor. According to investigators, Ukrainian scouts worked in the Crimea under the cover. They conducted surveillance of the black sea fleet facilities, as well as planned acts of sabotage on infrastructure.

“Yes, arrested two more people. This is one group of detainees informed the three. All arrested. The article is serious,” – said “Interfax” a source in law enforcement bodies.

Earlier Leninsky district court of Sevastopol ordered the arrest for two months, three citizens of Ukraine – Dmitry Stabnikova, Alexei Bessarabov and Vladimir Dudko. The FSB reported that the detainees seized the explosive device of great power, weapons and ammunition, special means of communications and “other material evidences of their criminal activities, including maps of the objects of the alleged sabotage.”

As reported, those arrested “saboteurs” Bessarabov Alexei and Dmitry Shtyblikov during the interrogation, admitted that they are in the Main intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence (DIU) of Ukraine, and their purpose in Crimea was, intelligence-gathering and sabotage training.

On 14 November, the FSB released a video of the interrogation. The video Shtyblikov, in particular, admitted that he collected information for committing acts of sabotage in the Crimea. The man also said that the legalization on the Peninsula, he went to work in a division of the defense Ministry as a civilian.

In turn, Alexey Bessarabov reported that a serviceman of the defense Ministry of Ukraine. According to the man, he served in the research Department of the naval intelligence center of the Navy of this country in Odessa, and also in the Department of special investigation of the intelligence staff of the Navy.

In Kiev predict new arrest of Ukrainian “diversionists”

The defense Ministry of Ukraine information about “saboteurs” called “another fake Russian special services.” In Kiev say that “there are no spies of the FSB were not detained because they were in the Crimea and Sevastopol no.”

Commenting on the arrest of Alexei Stogniy and Gleb Sable, press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine on ATO Andrei Lysenko said that we are talking about ex-servicemen whose cases are stored in military commissariats.

“The FSB just came in the military Commissariat, where are the records of these reserve officers to raise them and then publicly appoint “Ukrainian saboteurs”. It is clear that these people have some sort of training, but they are not real soldiers, including the armed forces of Ukraine”, – quotes the words Lysenko, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The speaker of the defense Ministry stressed that the defense Ministry predict that “there will be another detention.”

The court of Simferopol arrested two more defendants in the case of preparing acts of sabotage in Crimea 21.11.2016

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