Uritsky district court in the urban-type settlement of Naryshkino, Oryol oblast on Wednesday, June 14, refused to commute the sentence Oleg Navalny, brother of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, said in Twitter a press-the Secretary of the Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Kira Armys.

“The results of the trial of Oleg Navalny: the court decided that there was formed a law-abiding behavior, and denied the petition for commutation of sentence,” wrote Armys.

Later this was confirmed by the representative of the court Inna Safronov. “The petition for commutation of sentence refused,” she told TASS.

How to write “Orlovskie Novosti”, the representative of the colony, and the Prosecutor argued against leniency, describing Oleg Navalny as a persistent violator.

Lawyer Nikolai Polozov has indicated that attributed to the Bulk of the violations do not violate the rules of human society, and the requirements of the prison administration in society is unacceptable.

Oleg Navalny said on the eve of the upcoming court hearing on his page on Facebook, noting that if release on PAROLE failed, “it is necessary to try to mitigate punishment, especially because of the opportunity provided by the law, namely, article 80 of the criminal code”. This decision was taken due to failure in parole, he said. Uritsky, the court refused Navalny PAROLE twice, June 27, 2016 and February 27, 2017.

He noted that, in contrast to the consideration of PAROLE in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal code, the court shall consider only the behavior, attitude to school, attitude towards the committed act, the repayment of the damage and the relation to work.

“Apparently, to further ensure that my request will leave unsatisfied, in the last month, I put a couple of penalties. Last for refusing to work. It was proposed to deal with the cleaning of premises”, he added.

Despite this, Navalny tried to replace the rest of his life “on the penalty or something, so you don’t have to hang out in Naryshkino to mid-2018.” “Chairing the meeting, the judge will be Reasonable, and the main hope that the name of her talking”, he concluded.

The judge Uritsky district court Irina Reasonable not met the expectations of Oleg Navalny, who was sitting a little over a year.

The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow on 30 December 2014 sentenced the Navalny brothers on charges of embezzlement of company funds “Yves Rocher”. They were found guilty of fraud in the sphere of entrepreneurial activity. Alexei Navalny was sentenced to 3.5 years probation, Oleg Navalny to 3.5 years of colony. He is serving his sentence in IK-5 in the village of Naryshkino under the Eagle.

We will remind that Alexey Navalny was detained
in the entrance of his house on 12 June ahead of the protest against corruption, in which he even failed to attend. The court sentenced
him to 30 days of administrative arrest for violation of two articles – on insubordination to demands of police and repeated violation
the procedure of organizing mass events.

The court refused to replace Oleg Navalny remainder of the term for a fine or community service 14.06.2017

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