Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow dismissed in full the claim of the former employees of Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro Christina Negotino, dismissed from scandal after the emergence of online video, depicting her erotic dance of protest against the “cane system”.

Negodina asked the court to order law enforcement to return to her work and to pay 10 million for moral damage from dismissal. “The claim of a citizen of Negotino was rejected in full”, – told in the press service of the court TV Life.

Negodina continues to insist that the current situation has led to the fact that she regularly have to listen to unfounded insults. According to her, all the troubles to blame her colleague, posted on the Network the video dance.

The girl became famous all over the country and was dismissed after the video June 19. On the record searing brunette in ripped tights and red shoes with high heels are protesting against the “cane system”, stands for “the truth” and dances an erotic dance.

Soon in GU MVD in Moscow announced the start of official investigation in connection with the new roller with participation of the inspector of 2nd Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro, which on the recording “urged all police officers to join a Union and protested against the so-called cane system”.

By results of check to the order of the Department of internal Affairs on the Moscow metro on July 2, 2016 “in connection with numerous infringement of office discipline” Negodina was dismissed from the internal Affairs bodies.

The girl claimed that this video is from the private correspondence posted her rejected admirer, and her ambiguous facial expression suggests that under the “cane system” is meant not existing in the MVD reporting system.

The court refused to restore the title of former interior Ministry employee, who performed an erotic dance 01.11.2016

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