Khoroshevsky court of Moscow sent for compulsory treatment of a nanny from Uzbekistan Gulchehra Bobokulov, freeing her from criminal liability for the murder of four-year old girl with a disability in Moscow. The decision of the court Bobokulov sent to a psychiatric hospital with intensive supervision, reports TASS.

Conducted in the course of a criminal investigation psihologo-psychiatric examination recognised Bobokulov which was kept in a mental hospital at the Butyrka SIZO in suffering from a chronic mental disorder. The court ruling said that Bobokulov “commit alleged crimes in a state of insanity”, reports “Interfax”.

The court found Bobokulov guilty in the murder of a minor, destruction of property by arson and deliberately false report about the explosion. The court found that Bobokulov “knowing that the victim is in obviously helpless condition”, suffering from cerebral palsy, first strangled the girl, then cut her head off, and then set fire to the apartment, which was rented by the girl’s parents. The resolution noted that the defendant fully admitted his guilt in all the crimes, saying that they follow the instructions of the “voice of God” who “spoke to her in the Tajik language”.

The verdict Bobokulov looked like a man under the influence
some of the drugs: her movements when passing in the hall was inhibited in
the face during the verdict do not show any emotion, and his eyes
periodically closed as if she fights sleep, she repeatedly sat on the bench during the announcement of the decision, which traditionally listens to standing, describes “Interfax” of her behavior.

The decision on what treatment center will be directed
Bobokulov, the court laid out by the Federal service of execution of punishments.

Millions of victims ‘ claims, the court readdressed

The court has left without consideration the claims of the victims – the parents of the murdered girl and the mistress of the victim’s apartment to Babakulova for a total of about 6.5 million rubles.

In the judge’s ruling Victoria Koteneva, announced at the end of the proceedings Bobokulov, it is noted that in accordance with the law, civil claims cannot be satisfied in the framework of criminal proceedings, as the defendant was exempted from criminal liability. Therefore, the court suggested the victim to seek damages in civil proceedings.

October 24 at the meeting in khoroshevskiy district court of Moscow Bobokulov pleaded guilty. She told me that she lived with her ward in the same room. The child was ill with cerebral palsy. According to the nanny, that day she waited until ward falls asleep, then strangled her with a kitchen knife cut off the head, and then lit up with lamp oil.

February 29, 2016 in Moscow after a fire in one of
apartments on the street people’s Militia was found decapitated body
four-year old girl. Later at metro station “the October field” was
arrested the babysitter of the child, 38-year-old Bobokulov, who was walking down the street with
the girl’s head in his hands, shouting “Allah Akbar”. That same evening, the woman has given grateful evidences, including during the investigative experiment
at the murder scene, said the Investigative Committee.

The citizen of Uzbekistan was charged under part 2 of article 105 (“Murder juvenile”), part 2 of article 167 (“Deliberate destruction and damage of property”) and part 1 of article 207 (“Knowingly false report about an act of terrorism”), and the last article became known only in court. According to investigators, Bobokulov, waited until parents with
the oldest child leave the apartment, committed the murder of a minor
girls, set fire to the apartment and left the scene.

The investigation Bobokulov told that girl to kill her “ordered by Allah” and that it was revenge for the Russian bombing in Syria. It turned out that Bobokulov consisted on the account in a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand. According to law enforcement bodies of Uzbekistan, Bobokulov suffers from schizophrenia, and at home repeatedly passed treatment.

Later she was transferred to a psychiatric hospital jail “Butyrka”, where she told her visiting a human rights activist and journalist of “MK” that to cut off the child’s head suggested to her video, which was captured penalty through decapitation. Presumably, this could be one of many videos of militants of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, DAISH).

The doctors back in may noted that Bobokulov responsible for their actions, not in full measure, and the crime she committed in a deranged state. Then it was reported that Bobokulov not subject to criminal prosecution and the investigation will specify in the indictment the need for the application to it of forced measures of medical character.

In the UK before reported that Babakulova could be the instigators. Journalists wrote that it could be her former boyfriend, who “treated her ideas of Islamic extremism.”

The court sent the nanny from Uzbekistan, decapitated child in Moscow, on forced treatment 24.11.2016

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