Gagarinsky court of Moscow on Monday, October 17, rendered a verdict in the case of young people in may who arranged the race with police officers on the streets of the Russian capital on “G”. 20-the summer son of the Vice-President of the oil company “LUKOIL” Ruslan Shamsuarov convicted of contempt of the authorities under article 319 of the criminal code and sentenced to 300 hours of obligatory works, reports TASS.

Another defendant in the case – 25-year-old Victor Uskov also sentenced to compulsory work for 300 hours and fined 20 thousand rubles. The judge ruled that the more lenient penalty of a fine is not going to remedy defendants.

Third person involved – a 22-year-old Abduvahob madzhidov, who was driving a “G”, he was acquitted of all charges. In addition, the court held that the SUV involved in the race, goes in favor of the state.

As transfers “Interfax”, formerly judge Olga Zeldin met Shamsuarov, Uskova and madzhidova under article 318 of the criminal code (the threat of violence against a representative of authorities). “The court believes that the actions of Uskova, madzhidova and Shamsuarov qualified under article 318 of the criminal code erroneously,” – said in the verdict.

Shamsuarov and Uskov in the course of the trial pleaded not guilty, and madzhidov admitted guilt partially, having declared that has allowed itself insults at the police, but did not threaten them.

The state Prosecutor last week asked to recognize the defendants guilty in the threat of violence against a representative of power and
insult of representative of power and sentence them to real terms of imprisonment.

The Prosecutor stated that Shamsuarov and madzhidov should get two years and one month in a penal colony, Uskov was asked to appoint punishment in the form of two years and seven months imprisonment. Speaking in the debate, the Prosecutor insisted that the accused has committed high-profile crimes. He also noted that the police believed that the car had violated traffic rules in order to provoke the guards in pursuit.

Young people were charged with threat of application of violence concerning the representative of authority (paragraph 1 of article 318 of the criminal code) and insulting a representative of authorities (article 319 of the criminal code). The investigation also attempted to qualify their actions as hooliganism, but prosecutors repeatedly terminated the proceedings under this article, having found in their actions of such a crime.

According to investigators, 22 may 2016 Shamsuarov, Uskov and
Madzhidov on the Mercedes-Benz Gelandewagen grossly violated
the rules of the road on Lenin Avenue in the city. Young men raced at high speed, crossing solid lines, going on sidewalks and lawns and creating other dangerous situations. All of this was broadcast on the Internet. When police detained the offenders behaved provocatively.

The investigation found that the wheel was known in stritrejserzy circles 24-year-old Abduvahob madzhidov, and the owner of the expensive car was Ruslan Shamsuarov.

First, young people released, issuing administrative fines. However, after the incident caused a wide public resonance, holding then a post of chief GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Anatoly Yakunin saidthat such driving that risks the lives of all road users, young people must not just be fined but to arrest at least 15 days. He also said that the participants of the race on the SUV can become involved in a criminal case on hooliganism.

In the end, a criminal case was initiated under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code (the threat of violence against a representative of authorities) and article 319 of the criminal code (insulting a representative of authorities).

The investigation was set fourth accomplice – 20-year-old Muscovite. He was charged in absentia
the Commission of similar crimes (part 1 of article 318 and 319 of the criminal code), it is
in search, and criminal case concerning it is allocated in separate

Up to this Shamsuarov and three of his friends were serving administrative detention to which they were condemned for the race. Three young men were sentenced to 15 days. 10 days spent in custody were in the car with them girl – Mara Baghdasaryan, the daughter of the owner of a large meat processing company Elmar Baghdasaryan.

Later, the judge of the world plot N218 Gagarin district of Moscow, recognizing the driver of the SUV Abduvahob madzhidova guilty under article 12.7 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“management of the vehicle of the driver deprived of the right of management by vehicles”), gave him 200 hours of work penalty and deprived of the rights for two months.

The court sentenced the son of the Vice-President of “LUKOIL” to compulsory labour in the case of the race to the “G” 17.10.2016

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