The court in Rostov-on-don sentenced in respect of Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov and anti-fascist Alexander Kolchenko, who is accused of preparing attacks in the Crimea.

Article about the creation of the terrorist community Sentsov sentenced to 15 years in prison for taking part in the two terrorist attacks – to 10 and 11 years. For the preparation of a Commission explosion – seven years for illegal possession of guns and ammunition to five years. By adding the terms of the Director has received 20 years of imprisonment, informs “the Media”.

Kolchenko for participation in the terrorist community sentenced to six years for the attack to eight. All the accused got 10 years in strict regime colony.

Prior to the entry into force of the sentence convicts will remain in jail-4 in Rostov-on-don.

In his last word Sentsov said the process in Rostov-on-don “the court invaders”, which “cannot be fair by definition”. Kolchenko also pleaded not guilty in terrorism. “I think this case was fabricated and politically motivated”, said the anti – fascist and added that to ask for something the court he did not intend.

The investigation considers Sentsov head of the arson of the “Russian community of Crimea” and the “United Russia”, and Kolchenko – partner. The state Prosecutor demanded to sentence Sentsov to 23 years of imprisonment with restriction of liberty for two years.

For Kolchenko charges previously requested 12 years in prison with restriction of liberty for a year and a half. The Prosecutor then stated that Kolchenko confessed to his participation in the arson of the office of the party “United Russia”, noting that sought to cause minimal damage because of their disagreement with the policy of the party. “The prosecution believes that in court it was found and proven that Sentsov and Kolchenko participated in the preparation of terrorist acts. At the conclusion of the examination, both defendants are sane and should be punished”, – said the Prosecutor.

Kiev demands release of Sentsov and Kolchenko

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry expressed protest in connection with the verdict of a Russian court against Ukrainian citizens Sentsov and Kolchenko. “Oleg Sentsov, Alexander Kolchenko, as well as other citizens of Ukraine who are now illegally detained on the territory of Russia, are political hostages and innocent victims of the aggression of Russia against Ukraine”, – said in a statement.

The Ukrainian Ministry called the verdict “illegal
a decision based on fabricated evidence obtained,
including, as a result of application to the Ukrainian citizens
psychological pressure and torture”. “The court ignored the law, ignored, particularly given the protection of Ukrainian citizens evidence of their lack of involvement in the alleged actions”, – consider in the Ministry.

The Agency has demanded “to stop the judicial farce” and “immediately
to free Oleg Sentsov and Alexander Kolchenko, as well as all other political

In addition, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Sentsov message on Twitter. “Hold On, Oleg. The time will come, and those who organized over you the judgment seat, will be in the dock!” – wrote the Ukrainian leader in his microblog.

Case Sentsov

According to the investigation, from April to may 2014 Oleg Sentsov, Alexander Kolchenko, and previously convicted Alexei He and Gennady Afanasiev was set on fire in Simferopol offices of the public organization “Russian community of Crimea” and the local branch of the party “United Russia”. The FSB claims that they were preparing to commit terrorist attacks – bombings on the night of may 9 last year, improvised explosive devices near the Eternal flame and the monument to Lenin in Simferopol.

The investigators believe that the defendants were part of the Ukrainian radical organization “Right sector”, whose activities in Russia is prohibited. In the PS denied that Sentsov was a member.

He Afanasiev and fully admitted his guilt and entered into an agreement with the investigation, therefore, their cases were considered separately. None of the defendants was given seven years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Human rights defenders have repeatedly stated that the only proof of FSB involvement Sentsov to the crimes because he “allegedly was the leader of the criminal group and gave the team its participants,” are the testimony of convicted Afanasieva and Cernia.

Thus Afanasiev, who was sentenced to seven years in strict-regime for the same arson, charged with the Commission of which the present defendant later claimed that during the investigation stipulated Sentsov and Kolchenko “coercion”. According to him, his participation in the acts that he was charged with, he admits, but “these people weren’t there.”

In turn He is when he was taken to court, refused to answer questions of the parties, citing article 51 of the Constitution. As a result, instead of questioning the witness, the Prosecutor read the interrogation reports Cirne, which were conducted during the investigation.

From these documents showed that as early as 9 may, the day of detention, He is admitting his guilt, claimed that the arson was directed by Afanasiev and he gave instructions to acquire improvised explosive devices (IEDs) to undermine the monument to Lenin. Only the next day He started talking about Sentsov as the group leader, who gave the orders, but he never participated in any action.

In early August, the human rights center “memorial” recognized Sentsov political prisoners and demanded “the immediate and unconditional release” of the Director and his “rehabilitation”. Human rights activists believe that this is a “political” case “due to flagrant violation of human rights and international norms”. They claim that he Sentsov were not involved in the arson of the office of the party in power in Simferopol on April 18 last year, qualified as a terrorist act (paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 205 of the criminal code) or in preparation for blasting a monument of a monument to Lenin in the city.

Amnesty International has previously called Sentsov’s arrest illegal. With the requirement to release the Director spoke Russian Cinesouth, the national Union of cinematographers of Ukraine and the Confederation of unions of cinematographers of the CIS and Baltic countries.

Oleg Sentsov is an aspiring film Director, screenwriter and writer. In 2011, the Ukrainian made the film “gamer”. In addition, in 2014 he published a novel Sentsov “Buy the book – she’s funny”. I Sentsov two children: a daughter, Alina (2002) and the son of Vladislav (2004), who suffers from autism.

The court sentenced the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov to 20 years of imprisonment 25.08.2015

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