The arbitration court of Moscow satisfied the request of JSC “SBA music publishing”, which is included in Warner Music, the recovery of 100 thousand rubles from the First intensity for the placement on YouTube of a fragment of the show “the Voice” in which the music of Raimonds Pauls. According RAPSI, the plaintiff demanded compensation of 500 thousand rubles.

The reason for the suit was the placement on the video clip called “Intars Busulis “I’ll draw” – Knockouts – the Voice – Season 3″ in the account of “the Voice/The Voice of Russia”. The video was marked as official. JSC “SBA music publishing” pointed out that the controversial video was part of a piece of music “I draw”, the composer is Raimonds Pauls. Exclusive license to the music belongs to the plaintiff, and the right to use the songs of the First channel are not transferred.

Representatives of the defendant in court insisted that the product as such in a Network did not place, published the clip. The specified song was part of the transmission, and for its use allocations were made in the Russian author’s society. However, the intellectual property rights court has rejected these arguments.

Previously, rights holders were also trying to recover from the First channel of one million rubles for the use of songs Pauls in the program “Two stars” and “Patrimony”. These claims were rejected.

The court sought to First channel 100 thousand rubles for the use in the “Voice” of music Raimonds Pauls 13.10.2016

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