The Moscow city court on Tuesday, October 25, upheld the verdict of the artist-actionist Peter Pavlensky, who in June was sentenced to a fine in the amount of 500 thousand rubles for the arson of the doors of the building of FSB on Lubyanka square, reports TASS. “The verdict of the Meshchansky district court against Peter Pavlensky to leave without change, the appeal – without satisfaction”, – is spoken in the decision of the court.

Pavlensky at the meeting were not, however, the court decided to consider the complaint in his absence. Protection asked to cancel the verdict to the artist and to justify him in connection with groundlessness of the charges.
“The court of first instance found that Pavlensky was intent on
the arson of the doors. In addition, Pavlensky did not know that the door is part
object of cultural heritage”, – said the lawyer of the convicted Olga Dinze.

In this case, as the lawyer considers, Pavlensky “had every right
to Express his artistic vision, which resulted in the arson of the doors
and was directed against terror”, reports “Interfax”. In addition, according to Dinze, Pavlensky may not be sentenced to a fine, as it has no permanent source of income, nor any property.

The lawyer also requested to cancel the recovery of her client damage in
size 481,4 thousand rubles at the suit of the military unit 55002, which is attributed to the building of FSB on Lubyanka. “In determining damages the court took the maximum amount specified in the cultural examination, ignoring the original certificate of damage in 68 thousand and the estimate for 181 thousand rubles, which introduced the military part”, – said Dinze.

In turn, the Prosecutor objected to the appeal. The representative of the military unit 55002 also said
the arguments of the appeal they do not agree.

As reported by Olga Dinze after announcement of the decision on appeal
the complaint, Pavlensky still not going to pay a assigned
fine. According to the lawyer, Pavlensky this can lead to
change of the sentence. “According to this article punishment in the form of imprisonment is not provided, but subject to the exceptional case when he was placed into custody, I have nothing surprised,” said she. As stated Dinze, the protection will be sent to the European court of human rights (ECHR) against the verdict Pavlensky. “This is our last hope,” she said.

In the night from 8 to 9 November 2015 Petr Pavlensky during the campaign “Threat” doused the front door of the building of FSB of gasoline from the canister, and then set fire to it. The lawyer of the artist later called this act a response to “topical problems of Russian society”. He Pavlensky explained that the deed they must be considered “as a gesture in the face of terrorism.” He explained that thus opposed the punishment of the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov and Oleksandr Kolchenko co-defendant, convicted on terrorism charges for the arson of the door of the reception of “United Russia”.

After the incident, the artist was detained. First he was charged with vandalism on motives of ideological hatred, then article retrained on “damage of the object of cultural heritage”.

June 8, Meshchansky district court of Moscow found Turkey guilty and sentenced him to a fine in the amount of 500 thousand rubles for the burning door, and also ruled that convicted person should pay damages caused to the building of the FSB, in the amount of 481,4 thousand rubles.

Notoriety Pavlensky received after a series of controversial performances. So, he was prosecuted for a campaign “Freedom”, held in 2014. Then the activists built barricades and burned tires at the Small court of the stable bridge in St. Petersburg, and Pavlensky hammered on the metal, reproducing the “sound of the Maidan”.

In 2012, the artist sewed his mouth and stood at the Kazan Cathedral with a placard “Speech Pussy Riot had been famous action replay of Jesus Christ (Matt. 21:12-13)”. In may 2013, Pavlensky, removing all my clothes and wrapped the barbed wire, lay near the building of Legislative Assembly of Petersburg. Action “Carcass” symbolized “human existence in repressive legal system where any movement causes a violent reaction of the law, bites into the body of the individual”.

The wide public resonance was received by another “artistic action” Pavlensky in November 2013, he nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones on red square. First fact criminal case under article “Hooliganism”, but then it was closed for lack of evidence. In October 2014, the artist cut off part of the ear, sitting naked on the fence, the Serbsky Institute, protesting “against punitive psychiatry in Russia”.

The court upheld the appointed Pavlensky fine for the Minister of education 25.10.2016

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