UPRAVLENIE Rospotrebnadzora across the Irkutsk region has finished check about numerous reports of tainted candy in gifts received on New year’s child benefit recipients of a social security line.

“Reflected in the complaints information was not confirmed, our experts have not found in candy no worms, no rot”, – TASS quoted the head of the press service of the Ministry Svetlana Kauravas.

She said that the individual entrepreneur creating gifts for the ordering of social protection, were taken for research samples of the product. Now, the specialists will check another supplier – a legal person.

The website IrkSib also published on Friday, January 27, the response of the CPS at the request of the journalists about whether the gifts that were sent to children on behalf of the Governor Sergey Levchenko, turned out to be worms and mold.

Experts of the Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Irkutsk region found in candy from the Governor’s gift any mold or worms. The only thing that attracted attention was the so-called graying (white coating) chocolate, which could be a violation of the terms of confectionery, is spoken in the message of Rospotrebnadzor.

Specialists are currently carrying out unscheduled inspection of a manufacturer of sweets – OOO “Prok-SERVIS” – for temperature and humidity during storage products and the possible presence of warehouse pests.

At the same time, the government of the Irkutsk region has addressed in police with the requirement to bring the disorderly conduct of the inhabitants of the region, which brought the Department on work with citizens present for the Governor, which was candy and worms.

“Everything that happens, one of the visitors was shot on a mobile phone camera. The transparent bag were candies and worms. The visitors left the package and left the office”, – stated in the message a press-services of the government for this reason. Later buildings are found scattered worms. Officials called police, gave them the package with an inedible gift and made a statement.

According to the chief of the office of the Governor and the government for regional policy Elena Sorokina, a package of anonymous has nothing to do with Christmas gifts which were received by beneficiaries.

“The bag was full of worms, similar to those sold in specialized fishing shops. Such actions on the part of citizens suggests a planned provocation aimed at discrediting regional authorities”, – said Sorokin.

Earlier it was reported that at least three families received New year sweet presents from the spoiled candy on the lines of social security, then parents complained to the regional Department of Rospotrebnadzor, Ministry of social protection of the region and to the manufacturer.

According to Anastasia Krasnova, received a gift for their child with a disability in the management of social protection of the Sverdlovsk district, in a sweet set from the SP of Stepanov was just some good candy, and the rest of the bad, and the worms crawled in candy “the Nutcracker”. The woman made photos, videos and addressed in the CPS, and the candy and the wrapping from a Christmas present, she said, threw.

Other Irkutsk woman, the mother of a disabled child Ekaterina Shadrina, received a Christmas gift in the same Department of social protection, said that the candy was moldy. She turned to the CPS statement.

The government of the region reported that all Christmas gifts received 98 177 children from different population groups. At the expense of the regional budget (3.6 million rubles) Christmas gifts from 20 to 30 Dec 2016 17 620 distributed to orphans, disabled and HIV-positive. The results of these gifts were the regional management of social protection of the population.

At the expense of means of budgets of municipal unions of area and sponsor resources 33 582 new year gift given to children from large families, single parents and low-income families, reported the authorities.

In addition, the Governor Sergey Levchenko decided by 5 457 000 rubles at the expense of the charitable Foundation, to provide children from large families, single parents and low income families 46 975 gifts.

Supplier of sweet surprises were chosen according to the results of the electronic auction for the procurement website.

The CPS have not found worms in the chocolates from the Irkutsk Governor – only white patches 27.01.2017

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