The creators of the animated series “the Simpsons”, on account of which many frightening prophecies, commented on his prediction about the presidency of Donald trump.

Published in the Twitter short video, which is dedicated to the made 16 years ago prophecy, Bart Simpson repeatedly displays on the school Board: “it sucks to be right”.

In 2000, in a series of “Bart to the future” this hero of the animated series saw the events that will happen in 30 years. By the time his sister Lisa became the first ever US female President. She had to raise the country from ruins, correcting the catastrophic mistakes of his predecessor, billionaire trump.

The Simpsons 2000 updates its prediction of a Trump Presidency… #TheSimpsons

The creators of “the Simpsons” commented on his prediction about the presidency trump in a new VIDEO 14.11.2016

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