Curiosity Rover the U.S. space Agency, exploring the surface of the red planet, has discovered an unusual object – a small meteorite round shape with a completely smooth surface, according to the website NASA.

Scientists have given the object the name “Egg Rock” (egg) and conducted a chemical analysis that showed that it consists of iron, Nickel and phosphorus. Researchers believe that a meteorite found near the Martian mount sharp, originated from the nucleus of the dwarf planet. It could fall on the surface of Mars several million years ago.

Previously, the Rover NASA has found on Mars similar meteorites, however, of celestial bodies such form and with such unusually smooth surface among them was not, and that attracted the attention of scientists.

The dimensions of the meteorite was found similar to the size of a Golf ball. It was first sighted by the installed on the Rover’s camera Mast Camera Curiosity (Mastcam) on October 27. Three days later, with the help of “chemical camera” ChemCam was made a chemical analysis finds.

The Curiosity Rover left Earth five years ago – November 26, 2011. It landed on Mars in August 2012. During his stay on the red planet the Rover has discovered the necessary chemical elements and the conditions for the emergence of bacterial life, by doing thus, the major part of their mission. At the end of 2014, he began to study the lower sedimentary layers of mount sharp, examining the 150-meter section at its base. The Rover collects samples of rock for laboratory analysis.

The Curiosity Rover found a metal “egg” that had lain on Mars a few million years 03.11.2016

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