Statistics of the Czech ministries and agencies gathered over the last four years, from 2012 to early 2017, destroyed the myth that the Russians invaded the Czech Republic, and bought the entire luxury real estate. Over the past few years, Russia has undergone great change: crisis, sanctions, devaluation of the national currency, the impoverishment of the population…

Foreigners now make up 4.6% of 10.58 million population the Czech Republic. By the end of November 2016, the country lived 493505 foreigners during the year their number increased to 25 thousand people. And the ratio of arrivals and departures of migrants (balance) of Ukrainians in the lead (+2,600). Followed by Slovakia (+2100) and Vietnamese (+700).

As informs “the Prague Express” , citing data from the Ministry of labour and social Affairs of the Czech Republic, by the end of 2016, there were 383 thousand workers. Most of them are EU citizens (284 thousand). In the second place Ukrainians that were accounted for 54.5 per thousand, they are still in first place among third-country nationals. But working Russians had a total of 8290 people.

Among those wishing to obtain refugee status in the Czech Republic are also Ukrainians in the lead – in period from January to June of this year they asked 294 Ukrainian. The Russians also have filed a total of 31 request.

With regard to illegal immigrants, according to data of the Ministry of interior of the Czech Republic, and the leaders are the citizens of Ukraine for a stay in the Czech Republic without permit were arrested 828 Ukrainians (a total of 2162 was detained alien).

If to speak about real estate investments and the economy of the Czech Republic, then do the Russians ahead. According to the second quarter of 2017, foreigners owned more than 90 thousand Czech companies. Of these, about 13 thousand was accounted for by Russians (16% of the total number of firms owned by foreigners), about 9 thousand – Ukrainians, according to data company Czech Credit Bureau. Feature of firms under the Ukrainian and Russian control is the fact that they are usually owned by the individuals.

During the financial crisis, foreigners owned 30% of all apartments and houses from the total number of real estate in the Czech Republic. National composition of investors in the Czech real estate over the last years almost was not changed. The only thing that has changed since the economic crisis has decreased the relative share of foreign buyers of residential property in the Czech market, which increasingly focus the interests of the Czechs. In recent years they have used to improve the overall economic situation in the country and low interest rates on mortgage loans and were more likely to acquire housing.

Over the last 10 years 70% of foreign buyers in the country were Russians and Ukrainians. Now the owners of the Czech real estate often become citizens of Belarus, Azerbaijan, China and Israel.

But the Russians still predominate among foreigners looking to buy in the Czech Republic both residential and commercial properties. As informs “Radio Prague”, for them, the important factor is economic stability and a high level of security of the Czech Republic, which ensures the profitability and reliability of investments.

For example, in the real estate market of Prague, foreigners make up about 10% of all clients and leading positions among them are the Russians, who buy property as a place of residence. The ratio of the average Czech wages and the cost of square meter of housing is one of the highest in Europe, making Prague the apartments are expensive for the locals.

Prices in Prague has grown over the last two years by 25% and now start from 100 thousand CZK per square meter (about $4,600 per square meter). But the Russians are interested in expensive real estate in prestigious areas – such as Davis, Vinohrady, some parts of Prague 5.

These areas of interest is not reduced, but apartments and houses in Karlovy vary region, Brno or Pilsen already not popular among Russians.

They leave and from Karlovy vary. In recent years, those that are richer, we move, for example, on the French Riviera, others to Prague.

Often buy citizens of Russia and non-standard property – for example, castles or fortresses.

The Czech statistics have destroyed the myth that the Russians invaded the Czech Republic and bought up all the property 10.10.2017

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