Activist Ildar Dading in the Karelian colony was examined by an independent doctor-epileptologist Vasily Generalov. The results of the survey differ: advocates argue that it has fixed the damage caused to health and the FSIN States that the body of the activist is not visible damage. In addition, to the Dadina didn’t let one of his lawyers Nikolay Zboroshenko, who represents its interests in the European court.

On the eve of the sources of Interfax claimed Dading completely refused from medical examination. However, it was later revealed that the Generals still examined the activist, along with other doctors whose names in the FPS is not known.

“Medusa” referring to the founder of the project “Russia sitting” Olga Romanova reported that the Generals have documented the harm caused to health of the Dading in the colony, however, “to assess its scale is rather difficult.” Romanova told myself Generals – doctor of medical Sciences, neurologist with 19 years of experience.

Quite differently, the results of the survey represent the FSIN. The penitentiary service noted that the Dading refused “from the passage in-depth medical examination using special medical equipment, including EEG”. “Consent he gave only to conduct medical examination for the presence of visible injuries. Did the exam the consultation of doctors-specialists, composed of Generals and Basil. As the result of medical examination on the body of Ildar Dading no damage was found. According to the results compiled by medical act”, – quotes the message a press-services “Interfax”.

Later he Generals in an interview to the Russian service of the BBC stated that it saw no injuries on the body of the Dading, although the survey was superficial: “you see, so to speak, has not been configured on this diagnostic attempts to persuade him, unfortunately, were not very successful. But during the inspection we spent together (with doctors), and the conversation within two hours I had the feeling that his health is threatened, or for health reasons he somewhat limited. No trace of the injuries was not… Any damage, even if they are hidden, the person will limit the movements. I watched him go, watched as he dressed, and I had the feeling that he has internal noise unnoticeable during the inspection, which would prevent him to perform some action.”

Dading is the only convicted in UK new article about repeated violation of the rules of picketing. The Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova amid public outcry suggested Dadina be transferred to another colony, but he was, explaining that after his departure the torture will continue and the media will stop paying attention to it. November 11, issued a second letter Dading about the torture in prison: he States that “in IR-7 prisoners used a whole range of torture”, and prisoners there continue to beat even after attracting public attention.

Lawyer without a license not allowed

The Federal penitentiary service claims that Saturday morning to Dadina did not allow his representative in the European court of human rights – lawyer Nikolay Zboroshenko. The prison service said that he has not filed the certificate of the lawyer.

As noted in Department, on Saturday, the lawyer of the Fund “Public
the verdict” Zboroshenko arrived in IK-7 UFSIN of Russia in Karelia as
lawyer Dading, whose interests he plans to submit to the European
Court of human rights. “Due to the fact that Nikolai Zboroshenko refused to provide
the administration of the institution a certificate of the attorney, and other documents were
decorated with violations that are not allowed to confirm his authority, in
visit the convict was denied”, – stated in the message.

Human rights activist Olga Romanova on the page in Facebook reports that Zboroshenko was all paper, including from the ECHR, but at the entrance to the colony, they declared that”even to register its securities will not be”.

The dading examination by an independent doctor. The Federal penitentiary service claims that the body “injuries were found” 12.11.2016

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