The us national security Agency became a victim of Russian hackers have used to obtain information, “Kaspersky anti-virus”, says The Wall Street Journal. Hackers obtained data on how the NSA penetrates foreign computer networks as self and is protected from cyber attacks. In September, the U.S. banned the use of programs of the Russian company in the state agencies.

The paper argues that data about how the NSA penetrates into the network of other countries, was abducted from a home computer contractor working for the Agency. The incident occurred in 2015, but the leak was only discovered in the spring of 2016.

Sources said that the Russian government hackers attacked the computer with the NSA after the identified required files with antivirus software created by “Kaspersky Lab”. The incident is estimated by experts as one of the most significant security breaches in recent years, quoting the publication “Rain”.

The stolen data contained, including computer code, which is used for penetration. The availability of such information could give to the Russian government information about how to protect their own networks, to impede the work of the NSA, as well as how to penetrate the USA network, WSJ indicates.

The representative of the NSA in conversation with The Wall Street Journal said that the policy does not allow the NSA to comment on internal matters or questions of staff. He, however, said that currently the Agency uses anti-virus software is not from a Russian company.

America without virus

In March 2015, Bloomberg published an article, which implies that with 2012 when the company of the virus with the Russian special services has increased dramatically, and in key managerial posts in the “Lab” came “people, with close ties to the Russian military or intelligence agencies.”

The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky in an interview with the AP in early July of 2017 admitted that among the employees of his company are former employees of the Russian intelligence, mainly in the sales Department “because of their relations with the public sector”.

By this time the company already had a serious problem in the United States: administration trump exclude “Kaspersky Lab” of the two lists of approved counterparties used in government procurement, on the background of doubt about the fact that the popular Russian anti-virus can be used by the Kremlin for access to networks in the United States.

In mid-September, the Department of homeland security (DHS), the United States agreed that the products “Kaspersky Lab” is a threat to national security. The Agency gave officials 30 days to identify any use of or presence ON the Russian computer systems and 60 days for developing a plan for its removal.

In “Kaspersky Lab” also stressed that all allegations of Washington to the company based on false claims and incorrect conclusions. The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky was ready to testify in the U.S. Congress, but meeting with him was postponed indefinitely.

The data the NSA stole using “Kaspersky”, says WSJ 06.10.2017

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