The first after the September explosion of a launch of a heavy launch vehicle, the Falcon 9, the American company SpaceX is scheduled for December 16. This was announced by the telecommunications company Iridium Communications, which ten satellites, the rocket should put into orbit.

The start is scheduled with the us air force base Vandenberg in California on 12:36 at the time, West coast USA (23:36 Moscow time). The rocket to deliver satellites to low-earth orbit.

Iridium stressed that the launch will be approved by the Federal aviation administration of the USA, which should allow SpaceX to resume the use of the Falcon 9 after the “anomaly that occurred on September 1,” at the launch site at Cape Canaveral, quoted by TASS.

Then the rocket, which was put into orbit an Israeli communications satellite, exploded on the launch pad.

Head of SpaceX Elon Musk has called the explosion the most serious setback for the entire 14-year history of the company. According to preliminary data, the damage occurred in the system for supplying helium into a tank of liquid oxygen on the second stage of the rocket. Inert gas it is used to maintain the pressure.

In early November, the Wall Street Journal reported that the international operator Inmarsat in connection with the accident, the Falcon 9 can refuse services to SpaceX to launch its Global Xpress satellite.

Since 2012, SpaceX has already several times successfully delivered cargo to the ISS using the Dragon. As planned, in 2-3 years he will be able to take on Board and people. Company uses to display apparatus into Earth orbit the launch vehicle Falcon 9. While SpaceX was four times able to carry out a unique operation – a controlled descent of the lower stage carrier on a sea platform in the Atlantic ocean. Idea for a Mask, this should dramatically reduce the cost of starts due to the fact that the most expensive first stage can be used repeatedly.

The date of the first launch of the Falcon 9 rocket after the September crash 02.12.2016

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