Daughter of the former Prosecutor of North Ossetia, was charged with threat of application of violence concerning the representative of authority in the performance of his official duties. It is reported by a regional Investigative Committee, without mentioning the name “heroine” the resonance of history. According to the media, we are talking about a 28-year-old Camille Kolejowej, the daughter ex-the Prosecutor of the Republic Ruslan Kokhmetova.

According to the UK, 1 may 2016 at about six o’clock by officers of road patrol in Vladikavkaz stopped on the street Totieva car brand Toyota is running a 26-year-old local resident in the state of alcoholic intoxication and without a driving licence.

Police decided to deliver the driver to the police Department for investigation, and to evacuation on special Parking. However, who was in the cabin the two women on the police request to leave did not react, and one of them pulled out a knife and began to make threats against the police. She was charged under part 1 of article 318 of the criminal code, reported on the Agency’s website on October 24.

SK started this event after appearing on the Network in early may of a video showing how a 28-year-old Kumahova the requirement of police to get out of the car took out a knife and began to make threats and insults to the guards. The video was spread on social networks and the media.

“Lay one finger on me! I’ll hit you with this knife. Even if I kill you, I still will not sit,” said Kumahova police filmed her on camera. Her friend was trying to kick police sandals heels, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Also Kumahova “regretted that it did not have a gun, otherwise she would’ve killed us all,” wrote Life.ru. In the end, the guards with difficulty, but still managed to get the drunk friends from salon of a foreign car.

Originally Kumahova was fined 500 rubles administrative fine for “disorderly conduct”. But later the Prosecutor’s office decided that we needed to conduct another audit, the results of which was a criminal case that threatens known in the country the girl to five years imprisonment.

The daughter ex-the Prosecutor of North Ossetia, threatened to kill police officers were indicted (VIDEO) 24.10.2016

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