On 7 November the head of the White house at a rally in support of Hillary Clinton in Florida, which took place during the election campaign for President of the United States, laughed at the dismissal of the candidate-the Republican from his personal account in Twitter the day before the election, noting that even members of his electoral staff are not confident in the ability of Republican control. “If he can’t cope with the news, to say nothing about the nuclear briefcase?” remarked the current President of the United States.

According to TASS, the vote in Florida is able to decide the outcome of the upcoming elections. “If we take Florida, it’s in the bag” – said Barack Obama to the applause of those present at the meeting in Florida.

The performance of the incumbent President of the United States in support of a candidate of the same party is caused not least by the desire to increase ever-decreasing gap between trump and Clinton. Thus, according to the survey, ABC and The Washington Post conducted two days before the scheduled date of the election, for a Democrat, Clinton is ready to vote only 5% more potential voters than the billionaire trump.
And according to a survey by NBC News, the gap between the candidates is even smaller – no more than 4%.

Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party, Raines, Primos broadcast CBS said that trump and Clinton are “absolutely on par” in the final stage of the presidential election race in several States that are considered fluctuating and can play a crucial role in the voting results. According to him, “everyone is a little surprised that Donald trump finds” Hillary Clinton and that “the momentum is on his side”.

Speaking in Florida, President Barack Obama also accused trump in an effort to “close a free press, to throw opponents in jail,” allow discrimination against people on grounds of religion. In the US, this is impossible, but “there may be other countries that do this; perhaps he (trump) admires Vladimir Putin and some other people who think that to do it that way normally,” – said Obama.

The relationship of the tramp with the Kremlin being discussed for many months and at the final stage of the race and finally sounded from the lips of the U.S. President.

Previously, various media have repeatedly drawn attention to “the intervention of the Kremlin” in the election of the American President. According to German Die Welt, Moscow, for which trump can be a “useful idiot” seeks not only to strengthen the position of Republican, “but to weaken and destabilize American democracy.”

But the American edition of The BuzzFeed News is seriously considering the rumors about the presence of trump’s special email server, which he allegedly uses to exchange information with a Russian Bank, which, in turn, has connections with President Putin.

Russia is also the opinion of the possibility of such ties. According to Russian political expert Andrei Piontkovsky, which he expressed in interview to the Ukrainian edition “Today”, declared the trump policy in the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “His whole foreign policy platform is a collection of wishes Putin: the elimination of NATO’s failure to protect the Baltic countries, the recognition of the annexation of Crimea, and so on. On the other hand, Washington has developed a non-partisan consensus of the people involved in security issues, foreign policy, Putin’s Russia as an existential threat to the West and the need for much more stringent attitude to it,” – said Piontkovsky.

The day before the election, President Obama publicly ridiculed “out of control” of trump, which his staff was excommunicated from Twitter 07.11.2016

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