A record number of spectators attended last Monday in the US, the first round of debates between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald trump: according to the calculations of Nelson, 13 national cable networks and on public television for the PBS debate was watched by 84 million people. As noted by Reuters, a record of the digital age, and similar variables were recorded last time four decades ago when alternatives to television practically was not.

Reuters notes that the statistics do not include the millions who watched the debate on the Internet or in public places – bars, restaurants and offices. The owner of the video hosting YouTube company Google announced that its online broadcast of the debate was watched by more than 2 million users.

For comparison, in 2012 the debate between Barack Obama and MITT Romney was watched by 67 million viewers. The debate between Reagan and Carter in 1980 looked 80,6 million people.

The most popular event on American television – the Super Bowl, the League final on the American football – watching each year, about 100 million people.

As reminds RIA “Novosti”, according to the social networks Twitter and Facebook, the past debates have become the most discussed. Thus in both networks often quoted trump, not Clinton (62% vs 38% and 79% vs. 21%, respectively).

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November.

The debate, Clinton and trump set a record for number of spectators 28.09.2016

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