The defense Ministry has accused the US in air strikes on residential neighborhoods in Iraq, including the surrounding area of Mosul, where the Iraqi army, backed by U.S. aircraft on October 17 conducts the operation to liberate the city from terrorists. According to the Agency, as a result of several bombardment damaged a school, civilian houses and a mosque.

The chief of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Russian armed forces, Lieutenant-General Sergey rudskoy said that US aircraft struck at residential areas 26 and 31 October. “The United States continues to put missile and bomb strikes on residential areas in Mosul and other towns in the Iraqi province of Nineveh,” – said the representative of the defense Ministry at a briefing.

According to him, October 31, coalition aircraft struck densely populated areas of settlements Baswa and Gokieli, 14 and 9 km East of Mosul. “The slide shows that the entry of Iraqi government troops in the town Gogali, a suburb of Mosul, was preceded by considerable destruction of the residential sector as a result of coalition strikes. Left and right photos were taken with a difference in one day. A photograph dated November 1, are clearly visible, destroyed by coalition strikes houses,” – said the Armenian President.

Also, according to the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation, on 26 October, the US air force aircraft bombed residential neighborhoods in the Central part of the city, Hammam al-Elil’, located 20 kilometers Southeast of Mosul. As a result, injured civilians who were located less than 50 metres from the point of impact homes. Also considerable damage was caused to the mosque, said the Armenian President.

In addition, the school and houses were harmed in the airstrike USA October 24 on the outskirts of Mosul, said rudskoy. “The slide shows the results of this impact. On the satellite image to the left taken on 24 October – that is, before the impact of coalition aircraft, you see the school building and houses, and on the right is after. It is clearly visible that the defeat of the aircraft was applied in the vicinity of the school building, which was damaged by shrapnel and shock wave”, – said the representative of the Russian General staff.

The U.S. state Department recently statedthat “the ordinary people of Mosul do not feel at risk from anti-terrorist operation”. The representative of the Department John Kirby urged not to compare the actions of the coalition in the city with the storming of Aleppo, which conducts the Syrian army, backed by Russian aviation.

While the UN reported that terrorists use civilians as human shields against the Iraqi army. According to the international organization, with this objective, militants forced tens of thousands of civilians to move from the outskirts of Mosul to the territory of the city.

As of October 28 reported that US aircraft on 24 October launched a missile and bomb strike on the building of the school in tel-Kaif 14 km North of the Iraqi city of Mosul. It was noted that there were casualties.

Before that, the Russian defense Ministry reported that on 21 October, the US air force aircraft attacked a school for girls al-Hajj Yunus in the southern part of Mosul. The next day massive air strikes have been the residential quarters of settlements Karakos and khazna on October 23, the US air force launched strikes on human settlements, Karakoram and ash-Shura. According to the Russian military, as a result of these strikes killed 60 civilians, more than 200 were injured.

The coalition of States in response to these charges has asked Russia to provide more information about the incident. The representative of the coalition explained that it is necessary to determine whether the bombing involved the us air force.

The defense Ministry accused the United States in air strikes on civilian neighborhoods in Iraq 03.11.2016

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