Statements by U.S. intelligence on threats to U.S. national security from Russia linked to the discussion of the military budget in Congress. This opinion was expressed by the official representative of the defense Ministry major General Igor Konashenkov.

“We did not become unexpected loud statements of the American forces, seeing Russia as the major threat to U.S. national security. Such wave rises annually at the same time. The reason is simple – the debate in Congress the size of the military budget next year”, – said Konashenkov, quoted by RIA “Novosti”. According to him, “get to it”.

“It is important to remember that the “Russian threat” from the middle of the last century is the most successfully “sold” the Pentagon’s threat not only to U.S. Congress and NATO partners,” – said the representative of the military Department.

The draft Pentagon budget for the 2017 financial year provides for the increased costs of performing the so-called Initiative on European security to approximately $ 3.4 billion. A year earlier the amount was $ 789 million. In addition, about 900 million dollars will be directed through other agencies, including the state Department, to “deter Russian aggression”.

In early February the Director of national intelligence James Clapper presented to Congress a report on global threats to U.S. security, in which he said about Russia. As stated by Clapper, Moscow and Beijing consider the impact on cyberspace. In addition, Russia is conducting a campaign of misinformation and continues to modernize its armed forces.

The report also mentioned about the violation by Russia of the Treaty on missiles small-and medium-range threats in space, the action of intelligence, but also that Russia in the Arctic will probably continue to maintain a military presence along the Northern coastline. Russia was also mentioned when describing the Clapper of regional conflicts, in particular the situation in Ukraine, in Syria and Turkey.

About the threats from Russia yesterday also said the Supreme allied commander of NATO in Europe Philip Breedlove. Speaking in Congress, he said that Moscow is “a threat to the existence of” the United States and its allies in Europe. According to Breedlove, the European command of the Armed forces of the United States “constrains Russia and ready to fight and win”. Breedlove expressed the view that Russia expands its influence to regain a leading role on the world stage.

According to Breedlove, to restrain Russia, “using all the tools available to NATO, including diplomatic, military, informational and economic”. He noted that the previous 20 years, the U.S. “was trying to make Russia a partner,” and therefore began reducing its military presence in Europe. Now the U.S. must build up its forces in the region.

The defense Ministry called the cause of statements by U.S. intelligence on the “Russian threat” 26.02.2016

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