Experts of the Ministry of defence confirmed the use by the Syrian rebels of mustard gas – a chemical that causes abscesses on the skin and poisoning. They suggested that mustard gas could be brought into Syria from abroad. Evidence handed over to the Syrian side – the representatives of the national authority Syria on the implementation of the Convention OPCW Colonel Ramez Hiraku and scientific expert Ahmed Dahiru, reports TASS with reference to data of the Ministry of defense.

According to authorities, the experts of the Ministry of defense on November 16, discovered in the village of Marret-Umm-Haouch unexploded mortar mine artisanal production, which militants have used against civilians on September 16. As noted, mine with a caliber of 240 mm had a tube in the tail, characteristic of chemical munitions.

“At its extraction from the soil from the hole under the fuse began to emerge viscous liquid of dark brown color. The devices used for the rapid analysis of soil in the funnel and the contents of mines, showed the presence of toxic substances skin-blister agents type mustard gas. Samples (soil from the crash site of mines and from the funnel, the contents of mine) were sent to study in the laboratory of the Ministry of defense of Russia”, – said the military Department.

The analysis confirmed the presence in the samples of the chemical agent mustard gas produced with greater probability in the handicraft way.

The Syrian side received results of analyses of samples of the chemical munitions with mustard gas, soil samples from the area of impact of the ordnance, and soil samples from the funnel and samples of the ammunition.

The defense Ministry says that the discovery confirms the presence of militants in well-established production of chemical weapons. “It is not excluded the possibility of delivery of a chemical agent mustard gas and other toxic chemicals from third countries. The defense Ministry is working to identify possible channels of delivery of chemical agents in Syria,” the defense Ministry reports.

The defense Ministry confirmed the use of Syrian militants mustard 26.11.2016

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