The Russian defense Ministry has denied information of the British broadcasting Corporation BBC captured in the Luhansk region of Ukraine by Russian soldier Viktor Ageev.

“Victor Ageev has never passed military service under the contract in Armed forces of the Russian Federation, – quotes “Interfax” the message of the Russian military. – According to the records of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Ageev serving in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation, followed by another in may 2016 resigned in the prescribed manner to the reserve”.

Information about admission Ageeva on military service under the contract in armed forces “is an invention of Ukrainian propagandists”, said the Ministry of defence. “Visit number two military ID Ageeva there is the corresponding entry that the citizen retired in may 2016. Also in the military card would be a record of the receipt Ageeva on military service under the contract in Armed forces of the Russian Federation, which the Ukrainian security services out of ignorance not drawn yet”, – stated in the message.

“That is why Ukrainian propagandists began to publish the photos of the other pages of the military ticket, and once again used the Amateurs from the BBC to distribute fake “revelations,” – said the Ministry of defence.

The envoy of the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) Vladislav Danego for his part, said: “We checked the information about the captured Kiev faces. These guys are contractors LC and does not any Russians. They’re local, and our boys.”

Ukrainian version

Earlier in the day, the BBC Russian service reported citing sources in the defense Ministry of Ukraine that the Russian soldier Viktor Ageev, designed in the Altai region and served as a contract, was taken prisoner in the Luhansk region during the fighting between forces of the self-proclaimed Luhansk national Republic (LNR) and the Ukrainian army.

According to this information, the scout Ageev was captured on 24 June in the village of Zholobok of the Slavyanoserbsky region of the Luhansk region as a result of collision of fighters of the 93rd mechanized brigade and the reconnaissance of the 4th mechanized brigade of the 2nd army corps LC.

The journalist of the Ukrainian TV channel ICTV Yuliya Kiriyenko on his page in Facebook published a photo of the passport and military ID Ageeva. According to her, Ageev was listed in diversionno-prospecting group of the LC, which was discovered by Ukrainian military Channel.

From correspondence with one of the former colleagues Ageeva BBC journalists found out that the young man really participated in the fighting in the South-East of Ukraine. The soldier’s mother, Svetlana Ageeva, which managed to contact the air force learned on the published Kiriyenko photos of his son.

“I’m worried, because he had not went with me. The last time he called me 30 may,” the woman reported. According to her, March 18, her son signed a contract – new service Ageeva was the Bataysk in the Rostov region, which housed the 22nd guards separate brigade of special purpose GRU of the General staff of Russia.

Thus Svetlana Ageeva noted that none of the command has not contacted her family about the possible capture of his son. “And I anywhere the part number is not recorded, so I don’t even know where to call. He called us from there only one or two times,” she explained. When asked did the son that he will have to carry out combat missions on the territory of Ukraine, Ageyeva said: “He covertly spoke.”

On June 25, the headquarters of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO) of the Kyiv authorities against separatists in the East of the country reported that the Ukrainian soldiers managed to neutralize subversive-intelligence group of the separatists. It was reported that four people were arrested, and two more – the commander and one of the saboteurs who had a hard-core resistance fighters forces ATO, – eliminated.

“The victim was the commander of the group was a citizen of the Russian Federation, hails from the city of Kirov. Among the prisoners was discovered by another representative of the Russian Federation from the Altai region”, – stated in the message of the press service of staff ATO.

According to UNIAN, the fallen commander of sabotage and reconnaissance group was a Russian officer, captain Alexander Shcherbak Callsign Alex.

The brigade commander of the 93rd separate guards mechanized brigade of the armed forces Vladislav Klochkov said that he was detained sapper, sniper, and two machine gunners. One of them is 22-year-old citizen of Russia, resident of the Altai territory.

The defense Ministry denied information about the capture of Russian servicemen in the Luhansk region 28.06.2017

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