The Ministry of defense of Ukraine considers groundless appeared in the media accusations about the country supplies weapons to the militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).

According to the statement published on the website of the Ministry, the need for the review arose in connection with the appearance in the media reports of the arrest in Kuwait of arms of Ukraine, who claims that allegedly bought the weapons from Ukraine. Kiev informs that the Ministry of defense and armed forces of the country “are not authorized by the state intermediary in foreign trade activities in the field of exports and imports of goods and services of military and special purpose”.

“Ukraine has not produced and has not exercised any purchase referred to in the communications antiaircraft-rocket complexes FN-6 Chinese made, and do not provide transit to move them”, – notes the Agency. In addition, SAM FN-6 are not and never were in the armed forces and other military formations of Ukraine, said the press service of the Ministry.

Earlier Agency AP and AFP referring to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kuwait reported that the authorities had detained a group of extremists associated with ISIS, who have purchased for the militants weapons. One of the detainees is a citizen of Lebanon Osama Mohammed Saeed Hayat said, according to the media that made the deal to buy arms in Ukraine and sent him to Syria through Turkey.

It was noted that we are talking about the purchase of Chinese man-portable air defence systems FN6. At the same time, information about the amount of transactions for the purchase of arms.

In addition to Lebanese, according to authorities, the security forces of Kuwait on Thursday arrested his accomplices, also associated with ISIS – the five Syrian citizens, two Australians of Lebanese descent, the Egyptian, and one local resident.

Last week the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reported on the elimination in the country two terrorist groups related to international terrorism.

“Ukrainian security forces had destroyed two groups who are suspected of preparing terrorist attacks and represent certain international terrorist groups,” – said Poroshenko on the day after the Paris terrorist attacks. On the same day the SBU said about the detention in Kiev one of the leaders of the Islamist terrorist organization “al-Nusra Front” (banned in Russia).

Friday, November 20, Petro Poroshenko again raised the issue of counter terrorism. At the meeting during the official visit to Italy with representatives of political circles, the Ukrainian leader said that the Paris attacks not only caused innocent victims, but also “created the risk of a recurrence of the tragedy anywhere else”. Poroshenko “expressed the belief that the whole world needs to demonstrate that he is not afraid, and joint efforts to fight against terrorism”.

The head of state assured that his fellow citizens to “fight terrorists and confront the aggressor – Russia”, paying “a huge price for the aggression and terrorist attacks,” according to the website of the President. Answering the question will impact on the position of Kiev involvement of the Russian Federation to fight terrorism in Syria, the President “expressed the belief that while there is no involvement of Russia”, since Russia supports the regime of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad in the confrontation with the opposition.

The defense Ministry has called “groundless” accusations of supplies of weapons IG 20.11.2015

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