The defense Ministry transferred to the base Hamim in Syria four latest MiG-29SMT delivered to the office in December 2015. “Kommersant” reports that the plane decided to break in combat this usually increases the export potential of the technology.

According to the newspaper, on the application in Syria the MiG-29SMT was conceived a year ago. However, due to the tense situation then rely on already-proven campaigns of multi-role fighters su-30CM and su-35. A year later the situation has changed. Photo of the MiG-29SMT on the basis of Hamim were published in the report of the defense Ministry after a press tour for Russian and foreign journalists.

Now the MiG-29SMT is the latest of a mass-produced aircraft Corporation “MiG” and, according to “Kommersant”, the latest military innovations, is still not involved in the Syrian operation videoconferencing. The work in Syria will allow their crews to combat experience and the experts will see how the machine behaves on the battlefield.

While the crews of the MiG-29SMT are employed mainly as problems for further exploration of the area, though sometimes connected to the fulfillment of combat tasks. It is known that at least one of the MiGs was already reset high-explosive bombs ofab-500Kr on the positions of militants “Islamic state”*.

*”The Islamic state” – ISIS, ISIL is not a terrorist organization

The defense Ministry has sent to Syria, the latest “MiG” 14.09.2017

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