The signing of the agreement on a unified group of troops of Armenia and Russia will give Russian troops the right to participate in the defense of the territory of the Republic. This was stated by the Minister of defense of Armenia, Vigen Sargsyan, who is currently is visiting Russia. The agreement of the UGA is expected to be signed within the framework of his stay in Russia.

A statement on the document that will allow the Russian military to participate in the defense of Armenia, Sargsyan has made broadcast TV “R-Evolution” on TV channel “Armenia.” “The assault against Armenia the Russian military base located in Gyumri, should also be involved in the defence case, and this requires a legal basis. In this case, the legal basis is an international agreement (on the GB. – Approx.”, – said the head of the Armenian defense Ministry , quoted by the portal to Aysor.

Sargsyan is in Russia on an official visit from 27 to 30 November. The agreement of the UGA is expected to be signed within the framework of his stay in Russia, said RIA “Novosti”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on 14 November approved the government’s proposal for the establishment of the United forces of Russia and Armenia. The corresponding decree, published on the official portal of legal information, the President instructed the defense Ministry to hold talks with the Armenian side and to sign the agreement on a unified group of troops of the Russian Federation and Armenia.

The draft Treaty implies that countries will create a group of troops, able to provide an “adequate response” to an armed attack and other challenges and threats to the security of the parties was previously reported by TASS. The main objective of the UGA will, in particular, cover the land part of the border of Armenia and Russia, including cooperation with the forces and means of system of collective security of the CSTO. The commander of the group will be appointed Armenia’s agreement with Russia.

The document emphasizes that the agreement “is not directed against third countries.” The contract will be concluded for five years with automatic renewal if neither party declares its intention to withdraw from it.

In the city of Gyumri in Northern Armenia deployed 102nd Russian military base, load bearing combat duty in the framework of United air defense system of the CIS. The agreement about it has been extended until 2044. The base is equipped with anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, “Buk-M1″ and “Buk-M2″, the MiG-29 fighters and military transport helicopters Mi-8MT and strike helicopters Mi-24P.

The defense Ministry of Armenia made a part of the Russian military in the defense of the Republic 28.11.2016

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