The Russian defense Ministry said that no Russian military personnel currently in Syria, captured by the militants of the “Islamic state”* do not fall. Thus, the Russian defense Ministry officially denied the two Russianswho were captured. “No incidents of seizure or loss of members of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in the province of Deir ez-Zor and in other parts of Syria, was not. All members of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic, perform their tasks,” – said in the defense Ministry.

The Kremlin also said they did not have the information that is shown in the video are citizens of Russia. As stated by the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, “this information for all possible sources will be checked to confirm that these people are citizens.” A Kremlin spokesman suggested to focus on this issue in the statement of the Russian Ministry of defence. But “Moscow is concerned about the fate of these citizens if they are citizens of the Russian Federation”.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the group ISIS published a video with two captured Russian military. On the website Amaq News Agency associated with the jihadists, had posted a video in which two short-haired men dressed in gray uniforms, in Russian talked about how he got captured by the militants.

On the left is Chris Turcanu, to the right, Roman Zabolotnogo str.

One of the men with a southern Russian accent said that he is Zabolotny Roman Vasilievich born in 1979, native of the village of Dawn of Salsky district of Rostov region. The second man was a native of Domodedovsky area of Moscow suburbs Turcanu Gregory M., born in 1978.

Zabolotny said that they were captured during the offensive of ISIS*. What kind of offensive question, he explained. But last week, the Islamists had declared that captured two Russian servicemen during the fighting in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor, near the city of al-Shola. In addition to the two captured Russian soldiers then allegedly killed 33 soldiers of the Syrian army.

The don Cossacks recognized the Roman Zabolotnogo a man in a video released by the Islamic state*. The last time his comrades saw about two or three weeks ago and now pray for his life, reported RIA “news” the representative of vseveliky army of Donskoy. “When we watched the video, all identified him, no doubt about it. This is our Aksay Kazak Yurt” he said. The comrades of the city expressed surprise at the fact how he got to Syria. “Nobody knew he would go there… We pray for his life and that he returned home safely,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee for CIS, Eurasian integration and compatriots Viktor Vodolatsky, who heads the Union of Cossacks-soldiers of Russia and abroad, also identified in a captive Roman Zabolotnogo str. “I know him well, he is from Aksay, was in a team, actively participated in the Cossack movement. I instructed the chief of staff of the Union of Cossacks-soldiers of Russia and abroad to understand the information received, whether it is true, and to locate the Cossack Roman Zabolotnyi,” said Vodolatsky.

It is known that a Midshipman Roman Zabolotnyi – registered Cossacks, was Rassvetovskogo stanitsa Cossack society. As a volunteer he participated in a military confrontation in the Donbass on the side of the militias. His call sign was the eel. Zabolotny was also part of a group of Cossacks, which disrupted a meeting of the head of a staff of Alexey Navalny Leonid Volkov supporters of the policy in the Rostov region and tried to resist the opening of the headquarters.

The second man identified in the organization “Combat brotherhood. Domodedovo”, a member of which was Gregory Turcanu. “Yes, it is. Somehow ended up in Syria, was captured. Nothing more to say I can not” – said representatives of the organization. It specified that Turcanu and previously participated in the fighting in Syria and Yugoslavia, and was also in the Donbass.

Relatives of Gregory Turcanu also identified him. In an interview with BFM brother and the parents of Gregory confirmed that he was in Syria as part of a private military company and do not a serviceman of the defense Ministry. According to them, Gregory is a former paratrooper in 2012-2013 repeatedly visited Syria in the composition of private military companies (PMCs). And this trip was from may 2017.

As told by his brother Roman Turcanu, Gregory came to Syria through the “PMC Wagner.” “I don’t know how he did, but I know that in 2012 or 2013 our was already there, engaged in combat. The guys that are not linked to military service. All former members… All contracts apparently unofficial. It is not as advertised. Now say it. From people who refuse. It is now simply executed if it does not start, you know? He has two children”, – said Roman.

According to experts, the prisoners, the Russians can really be members of the PMC. The view that prisoners may be mercenaries, was expressed and co-founder of the independent investigations group Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) Ruslan Leviev. “Our experience monitoring the progress of the conflict shows that such fights first to go into battle mercenaries “PMC Wagner.” We believe that this is a deliberate tactic of the defense Ministry of Russia: sending in the heaviest fighting mercenaries, we are avoiding serious losses among the personnel, and therefore supports the image of a successful operation,” explained Leviev in an interview with “New day”.

And on their pages in Facebook and Twitter co-founder CIT noted that in this case “they are waiting for an unenviable fate.”

Meanwhile, in social networks, information appeared that the two prisoners of the Russians – Roman Zabolotnyy and Gregory Turcanu is already executed, but no proof was given. In particular, this was reported in his Facebook the Deputy of the city Duma of Rostov-na-Donu, the member of fraction “Fair Russia” Anatoly Kotlyarov.

According to some sources, they were allegedly burned alive.

“The atamans and Cossacks of vseveliky army of Donskoy pray for the salvation of compatriots, families and friends pass the words of support,” – said in a statement the press service of the Cossack army society of vseveliky army of Donskoy.

Recall that in may this year it was reported that the Cossacks really are in Syria. Though the official purpose of their trip was announced as “the support of local Christians and the study of historical monuments in Aramaic” – the language of Jesus Christ.

Confirmed departure of the Cossacks in Syria and identified Novel Zabolotny, Viktor Vodolatsky. As head of the Union of Cossacks – soldiers of Russia and abroad, he said at the end of may “news”: “it’s great that the Cossacks decided to help the Christians in Syria.” “All the Cossacks of the Terek, Kuban, Orenburg, Siberian, or always stood in defense of Christianity. Cossacks are Orthodox warriors. And where violated the interests of Christianity, they are willing to stand up for them”, – said the Deputy.

According to official data of the defense Ministry, since the beginning of military operations in Syria killed 37 Russian soldiers. Earlier this week in fighting near Deir ez-Zor was killed by General Valery Isupov. In addition, investigative group Conflict Intelligence Team reported the death of two more Russian military in Syria: Yury Habarova of the Yaroslavl region and Magomed Tasbulatova from Chechnya. However, this information the defense Ministry also confirmed.

*Islamic state (ISIS, ISIL, DAISH) is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

The defense Ministry officially denied the Russian military of mercenaries, captured by ISIS in Syria* 04.10.2017

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