Syrian government forces over the past two days have significantly advanced deep into the Eastern districts of Aleppo, reported the Russian centre for the reconciliation of the warring parties in Syria. During the day, the city left more than 900 civilians. Fighting broke out between willing to lay down their arms and militants opposed to this.

The center reports that the militants “dzhebhat an-Nusra” (now the armed group “Dzhebhat Fatah ash-sham”, banned in Russia) and joined them gangs released 5 blocks and more than 2,000 buildings. The Russian military organized direction to the liberated areas of humanitarian assistance. The assurances of the military, “in the neighborhoods peace, is the formation of local authorities, security and the rule of law”, quoted by TASS.

Due to the fact that some of the militants controlling the Eastern districts of Aleppo, expressed a desire to leave the city, and the most radical groups to prevent this, between the gangs were frequent clashes.

“In Eastern Aleppo, an increasing number of residents, dissatisfied with the actions of the militants, indicates also a Centre for reconciliation. – Increasingly are spontaneous agitations against the excesses of the terrorists. Residents of El-Kasidie, Haidari and Khan forced the militants to keep these areas under control for at least four years, to abandon these areas.”

MAP: Areas of control in #Aleppo city following pro-Govt. capture of Hanano neighborhood. – @archicivilians

The defense Ministry reported active offensive of the Syrian army in Eastern Aleppo 27.11.2016

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