The Department of health of Primorye checks the local media that in one of the hospitals in Dalnegorsk the patient refused to be vaccinated against rabies, and advised instead to go to Church and light a candle, according to

“The test was organized today. If the information is confirmed, it will be regarded as a violation of medical ethics”, – told the representative Kristeva Xenia Gusentzova.

According to the resource, the injured patient is a girl who was bitten by a stray dog. When she asked for help to the doctors, they reported that the vaccine against rabies have not, and advised me to go to Church and pray that the dog was healthy.

Press Secretary of the Department of health of Primorye noted that the chief physician of hospital of Dalnegorsk explained temporary shortages of rabies vaccine by the floodcaused by Typhoon Lionrock. Bids for the supply of vaccine, he said, did not have time to spend on time due to emergencies.

“Dalnegorsk urban district – the only area where there was an auction for the purchase of vaccine. At present on this fact an inspection is carried out. We find out why the chief doctor of the medical facility did not ensure timely procurement of vaccines”, – said the representative of Kristeva.

“This message (about the offer to go to Church) will also be checked. If the doctor really said this, it is a violation of medical ethics”, – quotes Gusentzova “Interfax”.

Rabies (other names: hydrophobia, rabies) is an acute viral infectious disease of animals and humans characterized by progressive Central nervous system (encephalitis), fatal to humans. Is transmitted with saliva by the bite of a sick animal. Then, spreading through the nerve pathways, the virus reaches salivary glands and nerve cells cerebral cortex, immunologi horn, bulbar centers, and hitting them, causing severe irreversible damage.

The virus infects most warm-blooded animals, but herbivores rarely observed. Natural reservoir are rodents, which are able to carry long-term infection, not dying within a few days after infection.

Specific therapy of rabies has not been developed. The prognosis of developed the disease is hopeless. Authentic cases of recovery from rabies not.

The only effective means of protecting people from rabies is emergency vaccination to the victim, which must be held as soon as possible after the possible infection.

To prevent rabies, you must follow some rules: be sure to be vaccinated against rabies Pets and farm animals; purchase of animals only in specialized organizations in the presence of veterinary examination; to avoid contact with wild and stray animals.

In Russia, as of 12 July 2016, there were only three cases of rabies in humans (Tver, Chelyabinsk regions and the Komi Republic), reported the website of Rospotrebnadzor. In the Primorsky territory of human infection with rabies was not recorded in 2003. Then in the village Gorodechno Nadezhdinsky district four-year-old girl was bitten by a dog. Pet was infected with rabies. The child was taken to Vladivostok, where he immediately started to do the necessary vaccinations. Thus the baby was saved.

The previous case of rabies in Primorye happened ten years earlier. Then the child was bitten by a stray dog. Unfortunately, parents have not paid for this incident any attention, and no vaccination was not done. The terrible diagnosis became known only when it began to show its external features. However, if the baby is already nothing could save.

The Department of health of Primorye interested in the advice of doctors to go to Church instead of vaccinations 11.10.2016

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