The United States was responsible for the failure of the Russian-American agreements on Syria on 9 September. This was stated by the Deputy defence Minister of Russia Anatoly Antonov during the VII Tanshanskogo international security forum, reports TASS.

Destructive actions of Washington to suspend the bilateral dialogue with Russia on peaceful settlement in Syria, at the hands of terrorists, said the Deputy Minister. “Supporters of military action in Washington won a Pyrrhic victory – 3 October, the United States suspended bilateral dialogue with Russia on peaceful settlement in Syria,” – said Antonov, quoted by “Interfax”. Such a step, he said, “regrettable and disappointing”.

“Don’t want to believe that Washington finally abandoned
diplomacy and headed for a military solution to the conflict in Syria. From such
destructive actions of Washington, the terrorists win. That’s why
it is important to put emotion aside and once again to weigh all “for” and “against” joint
the fight against terrorism. The word in Washington,” said Antonov.

In the defense Ministry, he said, I’m sorry, “what’s achieved with such
the labour agreement at the level of heads of foreign policy
departments of 9 September were thwarted by the United States.” “The Americans refused (and
maybe just unable) to delimit the opposition, which
collaborated with antiepilepsy coalition, and terrorists from “Jabhat
al-Nusra” (banned in Russia – approx., as well as to facilitate the unlocking of the road “Castello” – the most important humanitarian artery Aleppo,” – said Antonov.

According to the Deputy Minister, the Ministry of defense of Russia “has done its best to interact with US in the fight against terrorism in Syria” – in particular, offered a number of promising and important directions of cooperation, including in the security troops of Russia and countries of the US-led international coalition. “However, a complete understanding is not found. Our interaction is constantly heralded by the Americans pre – conditions”, – noted the Deputy Minister.

Russia initiated a large-scale humanitarian operations in Aleppo and calls on the international community to support its efforts, also said Anatoly Antonov. Recall that in recent days several members of the Western countries accused Russia of war crimes in Aleppo – in particular, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry and the candidate in US presidents Hillari Clinton.

The representative of the defense Ministry assured that Russia would “consistently and
calmly, despite allegations and attempts to insert, we spoke
in the wheel, to continue uncompromising struggle with international
terrorism and to prevent further escalation of the situation in Syria.”

As noted by the Deputy Minister, Moscow does not reject dialogue with
USA, but willing to build it on an equal and mutually respectful basis.
Russia will continue to cooperate with the international community on this issue, he said.

Russia is firmly convinced that a military solution to the conflict in Syria is not ready to work with the United States and other Western countries to resolve the conflict in Syria, said the Deputy head of the defense Ministry Anatoly Antonov during a press conference in Beijing. “You must give up all political ambitions and sit down at the negotiating table. The sooner Washington understands that without Russia it is impossible to defeat international terrorism, the faster will benefit the international community. We are to be working with American colleagues, other Western countries are ready,” he said.

3 October the US Department of state announced about the suspension of talks with Russia on the settlement of the Syrian crisis. The refusal to continue the dialogue at the state Department explained the unwillingness of Russia to fulfill its obligations. The U.S. government will maintain military contacts, to avoid conflicts with air operations in Syria, said in Washington.

Organizers Tanshanskogo of the security forum are the Ministry of defense of China and the Association of military Sciences and the Institute of international strategic studies of China. The first such forum was held in 2006 and were then conducted every two years. 2015 is the international event to discuss issues in the field of safety is carried out annually. The forum will conclude its work by October 12.

The Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation at a forum in Beijing accused the US of disrupting the agreements with Russia on Syria 11.10.2016

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