The descendants of the KGB, who worked during the “Great terror” please close the access to the database of the human rights society “Memorial”, which released information about 40 thousand employees of the NKVD, who received a special rank of the state security system.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” argues that the descendants of the NKVD and “the unit who were on the list and still alive” in an open letter to President Vladimir Putin demand to close access. Direct quotations from the letter are not given, but the newspaper States that the signatories “are driven by fear, because children and grandchildren can avenge repressed ancestors”.

Information about tens of thousands of Soviet state security officers appeared on the website of the organization on the background investigation of the resident of Tomsk Denis karagodina, whose great-grandfather was arrested and executed. In the “Memorial” statedthat two events coincided in time, and the database collected for about 15 years.

Denis Karagodin shortly after the conclusion of its investigation and establish the names of the executioners of the great-grandfather said that it was contacted by the granddaughter of an officer of the NKVD, who participated in the execution of Stepan karagodina. Granddaughter of Nikolay Zyryanov found out about his activities from the results of the investigation karagodina and asked for his forgiveness. Denis thanked her for her sincerity and manliness and offered to “reset the whole situation”, calling it “an act of civil harmony and reconciliation.”

The descendants of the KGB asking Putin to close the access to the database of “Memorial” 27.11.2016

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