Major-General of the Federal security service Gennady Lopyrev, detained and arrested after a check of the units of the security service in the Caucasus, had to leave his post in the summer of 2016, but, being a very important figure, avoided resignation: he was in charge of all construction projects of national importance in the South of Russia, reports RBC with reference to sources close to the Kremlin and the FSB.

Talk about the fact that this position needs someone younger, was a long time ago, it was assumed that in place of a General comes one of the employees of the presidential security Service, part of the FSO, but the replacement never happened because it “was a very important figure.” Lopyrev answered through the FSO for all public facilities in the South of the country, including the residence of the President and the Prime Minister knew what objects were built on the black sea coast that has spent the money. “All this passed through him,” the source said.

General worked closely with the Sochi authorities, for example, was part of the delegation that represented the city at an investment forum “Sochi-2012″.

Lopyrev – a native of St. Petersburg, before his appointment to the Caucasus, he worked as the Deputy chief of service of the FSO at the North-West Federal district. With the appointment of the chief of security in the Caucasus (JUICE) of the FSO in 2003, he congratulated Alexander Tkachev, who at that time was Governor of the Krasnodar territory.

Since 2011, security in the Caucasus (JUICE) FSO concluded almost 4.4 thousand state contracts for a total amount of 18.2 billion rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Marketing”. Tenders were carried out as a purchase from a single supplier. Documentation on the public procurement portal is not disclosed, but stated that all contracts signed by Lopyrev.

The largest contractor division FSO became FGUP “Ateks”, which is engaged in “construction of objects of Federal significance”. It accounted for slightly more than half of all tenders – 9.3 billion rubles.

Internal audit began after the change of leadership of the FSO

The General was detained on Friday, November 24, according to the results of internal audit, which was conducted by the FSO. “Kommersant” citing its sources claimed that the checks initiated personally by the service Director, Dmitry Kochnev, appointed in may.

“The problem is FSO arose after the resignation of the Director, FSO Evgeny Murov. In this sense, the replacement of old muromskoy guard set by Kochneva appointment of the head of FSO, RBC analyst Nikolai Petrov. – The question is what form it will take: quite unusual extension of the accusations against Lopyreva. In the same you can blame any leader of division”. The expert believes that now the “elites are sending an additional signal about how they should behave”.

In the detention was attended by employees of FSB and SKR. As reported by the official representative of the Investigative Committee, Svetlana Petrenko, Lopyreva is charged under part 6 of article 290 of the criminal code (receiving a bribe in especially large size). According to the TFR, he took money from “a number of heads of commercial structures for the overall protection in the conclusion and execution of public contracts for the repair and construction works”.

The total amount of bribes from contractors, according to the source “Vedomosti” in law enforcement, does not exceed 10 million rubles, but it is especially large size. According to “Kommersant”, he was charged with two episodes of receiving bribes in 2013-2015, providing contracts for the repair and construction of the FSO on the territory of Sochi. One is from the builders of three million rubles, and the second – three million two hundred thousand rubles. According to”Interfax”, Lopyreva caught red-handed when receiving a bribe, he seized one billion rubles. The General fact of bribery denies.

The interlocutor of RBC, close to the Sochi administration, claimed that the test lasted several weeks, law enforcement officers studied including the activities of the administration of Sochi and the mayor of the city Anatoly Pakhomov passes on business as the witness. The first Vice-mayor of the city of Mugdin chermit denied this information.

Putin is monitoring the case Lopyreva

The 94th garrison military court on 26 November sanctioned the arrest of the General till 23 Jan 2017. The defence appealed this decision, have informed “Interfax” his lawyer Ruslan Zakaluzny the day before.

“We appealed the court’s decision on arrest. Taking into account the position of the investigation on insulation of General Lopyreva, please change the measure of restraint to house arrest” – said the lawyer.

According to the defense, detention is too harsh a measure, and house arrest would met the requirement for the smooth proceedings of the case, given that Lopyrev not in any way going to disturb him. He said that the appeal will be considered the 3rd district military court.

Prior to this, Zakaluzny stated that he is going to petition for custody of the General under house arrest, calling the basis of meritorious service Lopyreva.

On the same day the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin will report on the progress of investigation Lopyreva.
“Cause investigative actions and the detention was the results of internal audit, which conducted the FSO itself,” – said Peskov added that Putin “certainly” report on the investigation.

On the question whether the detention Lopyreva with corruption or misconduct, Peskov said that the investigation is going.

As a signal to the elites consider a recent detention of senior officials, including the arrest of the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev. Some experts believethat this signal will be clarified in the scheduled for 1 December message of the President to the Federal Assembly.

The detainee for a bribe General of the FSO had to leave in the summer after a change of leadership service 29.11.2016

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