Director Alexey Uchitel, who shot the movie “Matilda” about a romantic relationship ballerina Matilda Kschessinska and the future Emperor Nicholas II, is afraid of provocations in connection with the scandal around the picture. He declared it in interview to the program “Pozdnyakov” on NTV.

The teacher complained that because of the scandal provoked by those who have not even seen the movie, “has created the view that there is something wrong, something ugly, horrible and disgusting.” “Here I am afraid…” admitted the Director. After all, those who wrote letters with the requirement to check the picture, think that people who are for this move, I saw the film. But it is not assured that Alexey Uchitel. In fact, he explained, yet no one has seen.

According to the Director, in his film there’s nothing that could offend the feelings of believers. There is no vulgarity, says the Creator of the tape. As stressed by the Director, he takes not the first film and understands the “aesthetics of love”, as well as how to present it.

Recently, the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya sent to the Prosecutor General with the request to check the movie “Matilda”. The scandal began with the demands of the representatives of the public movement “the Royal cross” check the picture for the “anti-religious propaganda.”

In the “Pozdnyakov” the Teacher told that the Prosecutor’s office found no violations in his film. “The wave of some of the letters were several months ago, and the Prosecutor responded that no violations we have, all within the law. I think it’s very important,” he said.

The Director has previously called the initiative to check on the film “insanity”, Recalling that “Matilda” hasn’t been seen before. But the “king’s cross” enough turned out to be the choice of the theme of the picture – representatives of the movement are outraged that the Teacher, in principle, decided to move on screen love relationship of the Emperor, was canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church, and dancers. In “the Royal cross” I believe that the film project is “anti-Russian and anti-religious provocation in the field of culture”.

As noted in an interview on NTV Alexey Uchitel, he was surprised that some organizations are prettily called, acting “insanely” aggressive, but nobody is paying attention and attracts them to justice.

But the theme of the painting the Teacher did not like not only the “king’s cross”, but the head of the Chancellery of the Russian Imperial house Alexander Zakatov, who said in early November that the movie “Matilda” may not correspond to historical realities and is designed to “to raise money for the instincts”.

The film, whose budget is $ 25 million, scheduled for 30 March 2017. The Russian Emperor in the film was played by German actor Lars, Eidinger, known to participate in the film of Peter Greenaway’s “Goltzius and the Pelican company”. Role in the film also played Louise Tungsten, Ingeborga Dapkunaite, Yevgeny Mironov, Galina Tyunina.

The Director of Teacher is afraid of provocations in connection with the scandal of her movie “Matilda” 14.11.2016

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