The amount of damage done by the Director of the Library of the Ukrainian
literature Natalia Sharina, the defendant
extremism and embezzlement, estimated at three and a half million rubles.
This was stated by the prosecution at the meeting in the Meshchansky court
Moscow, on Wednesday, November 2. The new management library
send Sharina civil action for embezzlement, reports “Interfax”. In addition,
crime a new composition – the arrangement of extremist books on the shelves.

The Prosecutor announced that, Sharina, “breaking
legislation that organized the receipt of payment orders with
the current account of the Finance Department of the city of Moscow to the account
the Moscow bar Association with a total amount of 297 thousand rubles”.

In addition, according to the material of the case, she committed embezzlement in the amount of
3.2 million rubles, arranging to work her lawyer friends, listing them
salary and providing them with health insurance. Money was credited
the current account of the Finance Department of the city of Moscow.

According to the prosecution, Sharina spent funds intended
lawyers libraries, for their own protection on the first criminal
the case of inciting hatred, which was discontinued in 2013.

From the indictment read out by Prosecutor Elena Balandina
it follows that Sharina imputed item “b” of part 2 of article 282 of the
(incitement of hatred or enmity with service
position; a sanction of up to 5 years in prison) and part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code (embezzlement
in especially large size; up to 10 years).

“The charges under article 160, and I understand, but I’m not pleaded guilty. And
article 282 is not clear at all what actions I made specifically,”
said Sharina.

The new Director is going to file a civil suit

“The fact of embezzlement is confirmed by accounting documents – the fact,
that arranged Sharina people don’t actually worked. We don’t
said civil action, but soon will do that,” said
at the meeting of the Meshchansky court on Wednesday, the current Director of the library
Natalia Vedeneeva, which is acting Director from January 21
2016, after Sharin suspended.

Sharina said that the library did not have the means. According to
the defendant, for the expenditure of money will need permission from the Treasury and
approval from the Department of culture. “The Director may
spend the money only with the permission Deculture” she said.
“Want to say that this is a target subsidy?”, – asked Vedeneeva
he added: “In a small library was hired two lawyers that
strange for such institutions”.

The former Director insists that “a lawyer hired by the Department
of culture allocated a discretionary grant, and only he can be the victim
and the library,” says Twitter
edition of the Verge.Ru, where he conducted broadcast meetings.

Sharina added to the offense, the arrangement of books on the shelves

The Prosecutor also said about the deliberate nature of the actions Sharina,
aimed, in her words, to the excitement of national

“Sharina acted intentionally with the purpose of inciting hatred and enmity,
and humiliation of dignity on the grounds of nationality.
Purchased from unidentified persons, knowing that the library, under the law is a public library in an unknown time, while in the library, placed the books of Dmitry Korchinsky,” said the Prosecutor.

According to her, defendant had acquired and brochures and books having
attitude towards Ukrainian nationalism, to those the Prosecutor took
“War in the crowd” of Dmytro Korchynskyi, and books, “Kiev”, “Kiev –
New York”, “the Time of poetry” and a booklet on the penultimate commander of the banned
in Russia the decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation from November 17, 2014
The Ukrainian insurgent army (UPA) Roman Shukhevych. According to
expertise, these publications contain humiliating characteristics,
encouraging action against a national group “Russkie”.

For this reason, as the broadcast Faces.Roux, in court there was
dispute. “For the first time today talking about what I own
put books on shelves, as Director. In this
composition?” said Sharina. “The wording in the indictment
there was another, wasn’t there that I put books on shelves”, –
she added.

“Posted books, what’s the crime here?” asked Sharina
attorney. The Prosecutor Lyudmila Balandina said, “Is that a debate?”,
but judge Elena Gudoshnikova declared a break and asked the lawyers
“to explain to Sharina”.

However, clarification was required and her lawyer Ivan Pavlov. “Posted
organized access to and information” – unclear what this is
action,” he said. “The arrangement of books on the shelves is, of course,
the function of the Director. But in the indictment it is not open. Maybe Sharina
issued an order, instructed the staff that such books have
be sure to put? Scans placed?” – said the defender.

He stated that “the intent is not only shown, but not labeled
the motives are not clear.” “There is no fact of the matter is that Sharina was
extremist intentions, the anti-Russian sentiment. Events
there is no crime”, – quotes the speech of the lawyer on Twitter

Protection Sharina considers criminal case against it is political. “Business
gone from a legal rail, it has become political,” said
the head of “Team 29″, lawyer Ivan Pavlov. Advocates said
what are seeking a full acquittal of the former Director
library. The next court hearing will be held on 23 November, it will
conducted the examination of witnesses.

Political “Ukrainian trail” in Sharina noted
the human rights center “memorial” in its report on political prisoners in
Russia, the number of which last year increased more than

Natalia Sharin detained in late October 2015. Version
the investigation, from 2011 to 2015, she distributed among the visitors
companies books of a Ukrainian nationalist Korchynsky, informed
recognized as extremist. The library staff claimed that
forbidden literature was planted. At the beginning of April 2016
the investigation also accused
Sharin embezzlement of library funds in 2011-2013 – payment
your lawyer funds for the work of lawyers libraries.

The Director of the library of Ukrainian literature was charged with the arrangement of books on the shelves 02.11.2016

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