General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky welcomed the upcoming February opening of the exhibition of paintings by Sergei Shnurov.

“I honestly didn’t know that he is also an artist. But the Cord is a special figure of St. Petersburg culture, so everything he does is interesting. In many things he is a serious person, so this is not pop culture and not really an entertainment thing. View” – told this comrade had to play in an interview with “National news service”.

According to the Director of the Hermitage, “when people reveal their unexpected party, and those who think it is frivolous, shows extraordinary depth, it is very interesting.”

Personal exhibition of the leader of the “Leningrad” will be held at the Museum of modern art “Erarta” in St. Petersburg, the newspaper reports. The exhibition was called “Retrospective of branjelina”. Name Cords, which bills itself as the inventor of branjelina, invented himself”.

“Brantalis is the replacement of true reality, a reality made. You are what you eat, what you wear and what car you drive. The inner essence of the person goes by the wayside. The brand defines the modern human face. The expression itself occurs through commitment to the brand,” – said on the website that represents his scenic experiments.

The author proclaims: “We, the supporters of brandrealizm present the last island of freedom of the spirit. We see the conflict of trade names side by following the teachings of Aristotle. Like painters of Ancient Greece and their latest followers, the artists of the Renaissance, we use the same charismatic brands, as the gods of Olympus or Jesus and the apostles.”

The great artists have passed and it is time for the great audience. The writer died after the composer and artist. Hail the reader and the listener! Now the object of art itself is not so important, as the comments to it. Witnesses and their testimony, not a criminal (art is always a crime going beyond the boundaries of an existing one) and the victim (previously existing), commentators and interpreters, they are now the main defendants in this case. #malnyun @erarta_museum

The Director of the state Hermitage Museum welcomed an exhibition of paintings Shnurov: “Everything he does, I wonder” 28.10.2016

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