North Korean Ambassador considers it unlikely the possibility of a meeting of the candidate for the post of President of the United States Donald trump and the head of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN, as the American desire of a billionaire to discuss the nuclear program of Pyongyang looks like the desire for “promoting or advertising”.

Last week trump in an interview said about the readiness to negotiate with the leader of the DPRK. “I would talk with him,” said trump, speaking about Kim Chen Yne. – I wouldn’t have any problems ‘ bout to talk to him.” The favorite in the presidential race refused to share specific details of what kind of policy towards the DPRK he will build if will be the President of the United States. He only said that he would prefer to act through China, which has leverage over North Korea.

“It’s a matter of the Supreme leader to decide whether to meet him or not, but I think trump’s offer is nonsense,” – said in comments to Reuters so Se Pyong, Ambassador of North Korea to the UN in Geneva.

According to the diplomat, trump’s statement should be considered in the framework of the campaign as propaganda or advertising. “It’s useless, because it’s just a gesture in the presidential election. In the proposal there is no meaning or sincerity”, – said the representative of Pyongyang.

We will note, recently the newspaper Pyongyang Times, in coming out of the DPRK in English, responded to the statements of American experts, which sums up the presidency of Barack Obama and putting him in reproach outstanding issues with Pyongyang.

Publication recalled that the talks between the DPRK and the US over nuclear programme continued for more than a decade, but Washington has not fulfilled its obligations under the agreed framework of 1994, in particular with regard to the lifting of sanctions.

“Acting in accordance with ingrained prejudices against the DPRK, the US for many decades pursued its hostile policy towards the DPRK. Washington constantly escalate the situation on the Korean Peninsula, trying to use its influence in the region as a stepping stone to a wild quest for world domination, making, in the end, the Peninsula is the hot spot in the world where nuclear war has the highest chances of occurrence,” reads the article.

North Korean media accused the US of intending to blackmail the DPRK with its nuclear warheads, and explained the hostility of Washington the desire of Pyongyang to strengthen their arsenals until the creation of the hydrogen bomb.

We will remind, in January North Korea for the fourth time conducted a nuclear test, in February the launch of a rocket of distant radius of action. Testing has provoked a tightening of international sanctions and the change in the negative direction of the position of the President of South Korea Park Geun-Hye.

At the same time the representative of the DPRK to the UN so Se Pyong reiterated that his country is ready to return to six-party talks on its nuclear program. According to him, China and Russia supported the return to the negotiating table while the US and allies South Korea and Japan reject this possibility.

“As a responsible nuclear state, we will never use these weapons first. But if the United States use its nuclear forces against us, then we will have to respond,” the diplomat said.

We also add, the day before, 23 may, Seoul has rejected the offer of Pyongyang on the occasion of the peace talks, calling the initiative of the DPRK “a sham” and noting that North Korea has no desire to stop its nuclear program.

The DPRK Ambassador called trump a desire to meet with Kim Jong-UN desire popiaritsya 24.05.2016

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