North Korea has published a series of photos and motion collages, which the North Korean missiles “destroy” the American bombers and the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. The US bombers regularly fly to the shores of Korea, in real life, yet there is nothing to prevent.

The video was posted on North Korean website DPRK Today, and then posted on YouTube. The video begins with the cutting of photos of the speech of the President of the United States Donald trump before personnel of the U.S. military base Andrews (Maryland), which is accompanied by the words “madman” in the Korean language. Then with the addition of graphical effects is a demonstration of photos of US air force bombers B-1B and F-15C, reports TASS.

That is followed by video footage of actual launches severocesky missiles that allegedly shot down an American aircraft overlaid on top of video pictures of B-1B and F-15C. Footage is accompanied by inspirational music and sounds of thunder.

In a similar way to video demonstrates how to destroy an American nuclear aircraft carrier, North Korean submarine.

Video appeared a few hours after the US air force bombers B-1B in support of F-15C flying over the waters East of Korea, close to the Northern border of the demilitarized zone.

According to the Pentagon, this flight was a “demonstration” of the fact that the President of the United States Donald trump is, military options to eliminate any threat.

The DPRK with the help of photo montage has destroyed American bombers and aircraft carrier 24.09.2017

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