The office of public Prosecutor of the Oryol region began checking the information on blocking the payroll Bank card of a resident of eagle staff “savings” in connection with the requirements of judicial bailiffs to repay the debt in the amount of almost 42 million rubles, allegedly formed in 1900.

The results of the study of relevant publications in the media made the decision on carrying out of public Prosecutor’s check under the control of the regional Prosecutor, reported on the website nadzornega Department.

In Orlovskoye branch of Sberbank said that the Bank has set the 1900 date technical arrest of accounts of Orlovchanka, which definitely will not allow the client to remove the disbursement amounts or transfer them elsewhere, reports RIA “Novosti”.

According to SB, is a client of the Bank according to the decision of the court of arbitration was declared bankrupt, in connection with which was was introduced the procedure of the realization of his property. According to the law on bankruptcy of physical persons, the person loses the right to dispose of their money, they spent only by order of the appointed financial Manager. In this regard, the Bank has established a technical arrest of the client’s funds in the amount of 41.8 million.

“Technical arrest has higher priority than any current claims against the bankrupt, for example debts on credits or penalties, so set 01.01.1900 This is the earliest possible date in the software procedures of arrest and recovery,” the Bank said in the security Council.

Earlier this week, the newspaper “the Oryol news” reported that one of the residents of the centre region has become hostage to the absurd situation with the debt, which he attributes to the local branch of “Sberbank”. According to the newspaper, Alexander E. once received a SMS alert from the Bank stating that his property in the amount of 41 888 888 rubles arrested.

At that, blocked it was his salary card, and incoming funds began to be deducted from the balance on the debt after receiving an advance, the man saw on his account minus 41 884 518 rubles and 59 kopecks.

At the local branch of “Sberbank” HR Manager gave Orlovchanka certificate, which listed the cumulative arrest in the amount of almost 42 million rubles from January 1, 1900, when the Russian Emperor Nicholas II. Orlovchanin indicated that he was born 75 years after it was supposedly opened enforcement proceedings on his “debts”.

The publication also reported that in UFSSP across the Oryol region Alexander issued a certificate stating that no enforcement proceedings the bailiffs against him are not. In the end, the man appealed to the regional Prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee, asking these agencies to check the activities of the employees of SB and find out the reasons for this “pre-revolutionary debt.”

However, it should be noted that in the “Sberbank” birthday think 12 November 1841, when the Russian Emperor Nicholas I signed a decree on the establishment in Russia of savings banks “to carry through that means to save the faithful and favorable way.” “Sberbank” is the historical successor founded by the decree of Nicholas I, savings banks, reported on the website of SB.

The duty of Orlovchanka 42 million rubles before the “Sberbank” in 1900 became interested in the Prosecutor’s office 28.10.2016

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