The power of the eagle established a monument to Ivan the terrible, which caused a great public resonance. In September the Factory regional court of the eagle has accepted the claim of a local resident to the administration and the mayor about the legality of installation of a monument in the protected zone of a monument of history and culture of Federal value “the building of the magistrate” (now a theatre).

According to the Governor of Orel region Vadim Patomskogo, the sculpture was installed on 1 October, and currently are working on beautification of the area around the monument, reports TASS. The head of the region stressed that the date of the official opening of the facility will be announced soon.

Potomsky added that local governments support the installation of a monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle, because he is the founder of the city and “the great Russian king, the gatherer of the Russian land”.

“He forced everyone to reckon with Russia, he left our Orthodox faith. He did everything to ensure that Russia became Russia. I have great respect for strong leaders, because only such a leader can lead to the development”, – said the Governor.

The sculpture was previously proposed to place near the cinema “Victory”. But at the end of June, it was decided that the monument will be installed next youth theatre “Free space” (Council building). Disagree with this decision, believed that “to erect a monument in front of the building is then to be introduced into the existing architectural composition of the city.”

In July, Orel Governor saidthat the first in Russia monument to the Tsar Ivan the terrible put August 3rd. The head of the region clarified that the monument will be created on the donations of citizens.

The plan of the authorities caused protests of local residents. Some did not like the architectural component, the other is the personality of Ivan the terrible. Then the Governor proposed to delay the installation of the monument and stated that the regional government will conduct a survey of residents.

Then the media with reference to the government of the eagle reportedthat the majority of survey participants spent in the city, called for the installation of the monument in front of the theatre of the young spectator. The survey involved 400 people (the population of 319 thousand people, and on the website Subdued a petition against the monument has garnered more than 800 signatures). Later decided to postpone the installation in the upcoming elections on September 18.

Oryol was founded in 1566 by Ivan the Terrible as a fortress to protect southern borders of the state. The city day is celebrated annually on 5 August. This year, the eagle celebrated its 450th anniversary.

Another monument to the terrible going to install in the Vladimir region in the town of Aleksandrov – 1564 Alexandrovskaya Sloboda was a place of regular residence of the Emperor, his family, and the Tsar’s court and in fact became the centre of oprichnina.

The eagle is a monument to Ivan the terrible, despite the protests of local residents 03.10.2016

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