In the eagle on Friday, October 14, ceremony
the opening of Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible, told “Interfax” in the press service of the regional government. The opening of the monument was timed to the Orthodox holiday – Intercession of the Holy virgin.

Monument to the Russian Tsar set on the waterfront next to the Epiphany Cathedral, at the confluence of the Oka and Orlik, where in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible founded the eagle.

Greeting in connection with the opening of the monument to the people of the city sent the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Russian military-historical society Vladimir Medinsky. In a statement issued RVIA, which is provided on the website of the regional government, he said that the installation of the monument to Ivan the terrible in the eagle is “not only a tribute to the king and the warrior, but also a recognition of the continuity of all stages of our history.”

“Ivan IV the terrible – one of the most controversial and yet
outstanding figures of national history. During the years of his reign, he
managed to take several bold and decisive steps to
the strengthening of the unity of the Russian state. If it were carried out administrative reform, established new governments, created professional army, and published the first Russian printed book,” wrote Medina.

In anticipation of the opening of the monument the Minister tried to justify Ivan the terrible, known for his cruelty. It is suggested to compare the activities of the Russian Tsar is not known humanitarians such as mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi and his contemporaries, who ruled in the sixteenth century in Europe. Medina recalled that only in the massacre of St. Bartholomew in the reign of Charles IX was killed 30 thousand Huguenots, while in all the years of the reign of Ivan the terrible on the orders of the king lost his life only three to seven thousand people.

Potomsky: “We had a long and controversial this was going”

As writes “Oregrade”, Vladimir Medinsky, is expected to celebrations in the town, but he’s at the ceremony arrived. Opened a monument to the Governor of the Oryol region Vadim Potomsky and state Duma Deputy, member of the Committee on education and science Nikolay Zemtsov.

The head of the region noted that the installation of the monument is a significant event not only for Orel, but for the country as a whole. “We had a long and controversial this was going. I’m not a historian, but I think that this is a great Russian sovereign, the collector of Russian lands, the man who preserved for us the Orthodox faith and did not let anyone infringe on our territory. He made it so that we live in the great city of eagle, which is a fortress on the outskirts of our capital,” – said Vadim Potomsky.

“Perhaps two months, the whole country, not just your city, with bated breath, waited, when will be opened the monument, and believed that it would happen, but strongly wanted. And now the king, who in one hand holds a symbol of protection of the Fatherland – the sword and in the other hand the cross is a spiritual weapon appeared in your town, which is a type of Russia. It is a city of the eagle”, – said at the opening of the Nikolay Zemtsov.

Held on Friday a meeting with the chief editor of the newspaper “Tomorrow” Alexander Prokhanov, the head of the region, which quoted the press service of the regional government, thanked all the citizens of the Orel region, who supported the idea of the monument “to the great Russian Tsar Ivan the terrible”. Prokhanov, for his part, said that Ivan the terrible was one of the leaders who pursued a policy that fosters the power of the Russian state.

“Major historical event” that “demonstrates the desire of Russians, residents of the Orel region to be proud of the history of his country, its greatness and those who built it”, called the installation of the monument to the leader of the movement “Essence of time” Sergei Kurginyan, which also was found Friday Governor. According to Kurginyan, “for many years Russian people were taught to be ashamed of all that has happened in the history of his country,” “the greatness of a historical figure of Ivan the terrible tried to disguise”.

Monument to Ivan the terrible was installed near the Epiphany Cathedral in early October, the landscaping around the monument was gone for two weeks.

Governor Vadim Potomsky told Lifethat the monument installed at the expense of patrons and cost them several million rubles. He also explained that the new location for the monument was not chosen by chance – in the Epiphany Cathedral there are frescoes depicting the Russian Tsar.

Eagle residents prepare new protest actions

Initially, the monument was planned to be installed on August 3 opposite the children’s theatre in honor of the 450th anniversary of the city. However, against the construction of the monument made by local residents. Activists protested against installation of a monument for such a controversial historical figure, and that he appeared in the protected zone of another monument of architecture – building of the theatre of children and young people “Free space”.

In July, the Governor Vadim Potomsky met with protesters and explained that the city authorities not to canonize Ivan the terrible. He stressed that it is only to put a monument to the founder of the city.

Nevertheless, the authorities of the eagle then decided to postpone the installation of the monument and conducted a survey of citizens, and then announced that the majority of the 400 respondents favoured the installation. The idea of erecting a monument to Ivan the terrible supported the Patriarch.

In September the Factory regional court of the eagle has initiated proceedings in a lawsuit challenging the actions of the city administration and the mayor of the city for the installation of the monument in the protected zone of a monument of history and culture of Federal value “the building of the magistrate.” The court also prohibited the placement of a monument to the end of the trial. The next meeting was scheduled for October 21, but the monument is still installed next to the Epiphany Cathedral.

On Friday it became known that the residents of eagle are preparing new actions against the monument to Ivan the terrible. About it Life said the Deputy of the city Council of the eagle, the first of two convocations Yury Malyutin. “Yesterday, filed a claim, the people who are protesting against this case. To hold a rally on the square in front of the eyes of the Governor – refused. Today, I know will serve a second demand,” he said.

According to Malyutin, the picket are going to attend 150. According to the MP, contrary to the assurances of the authorities, in fact, more than half of citizens do not support the installation of the monument in the historical center of eagle.

Fortress Orel was founded in 1566 on the orders of Ivan the terrible to protect the southern borders, this year is officially considered the founding date of the city, as evidenced by the entry of the event in the Nikon chronicle.

The eagle officially opened Russia’s first monument to Ivan the terrible 14.10.2016

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