The Amur tiger Boris, released in taiga Russian President Vladimir Putin in may 2014 after rehabilitation in the seaside center, along with his striped friend named Bright hunt bears in the forests of the reserve “crane” on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous region, told public organization “Center of the Tiger”, which track presidential predators.

“In the November trip was a last hunting tigers Bori and Light, – is spoken in the message on center for Facebook. – Test showed that tigers not only successfully hunt for wild boars and deer, but also on adults bears and moose! Experts found at the scene of the meal of the tigers of the remains of very large animals moose at the age of 3-4 years.”

According to data of this organization, Bob after almost a year and a half after its release on the territory of the Amur region moved to the territory of the reserve “crane” in the Jewish Autonomous region, where a month before it released the Light.

Subsequently, these endangered predators became a couple, and experts hope to have the appearance of offspring. The movements of Bori and Bright, watched by wearing them on the GPS collars. Also, animals regularly appear in the lenses of photo and videolivesex installed in the reserve.

22 may 2014, Putin personally released the three young tigers – Kuzya, Borya and Ilona, who for two years was brought up in a seaside rehab and was preparing to return to natural conditions. A year later, scientists announced that the adaptation of tigers in the wild is successful, and they were the real predators.

The EAO Putin’s tiger and his girlfriend staged a hunt for bears (PHOTOS) 01.12.2016

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