The European court of human rights (ECHR) on Tuesday, October 11, rendered a verdict in the case of the inhabitant of Cheboksary Leonid Petrov, who received serious injuries as a result of police abuse. The court ordered the Russian government to pay 23 thousand euros Petrov as compensation of moral harm. It is reported by the human rights organization “Area law” with reference to the lawyer Alexei Glukhov.

The ECHR found that Russian authorities had violated article 3 (prohibition of torture) and article 5 (right to liberty and security) of the European Convention for the protection of human rights.

Leonid Petrov was detained in October 2006 as a suspect and handcuffed, taken to Moscow district Department of internal Affairs of Cheboksary. According to eyewitnesses, at the time of arrest the man had no injuries.

As told the victim, drunk investigators beat him and threatened to rape, demanding to confess to the robbery and murder. As the newspaper “Kommersant”, Petrova suspected in the murder of a cousin of his mother, businesswoman Elena Grigorieva. 2 Sep 2006 Grigorieva with multiple gunshot wounds was discovered in his flat in Cheboksary. Leonid Petrov worked at self-employed businesswoman.

The police during interrogation was tied to buttoned on hands handcuffs a detainee 40-pound dumbbell and continued to beat him. Then the man was forced to stand on the sill of an open window and threatened to throw him from the second floor, giving the incident for attempted escape or suicide. After another failure Petrov to confess to his alleged crimes investigators pushed him out the window.

Male in the fall, suffered an open fracture of the left leg, a concussion, multiple sprains and bruises. In the hospital he was operated on, and in the house, he was handcuffed to the bed and put him on a convoy. A few days Leonid Petrov in this form in the ward appeared before the court. In his decision crippled the guy put in jail. Later the charges against him were dropped.

The police, who admitted the abuse and said that Petrov himself out of the window, and any weights attached to the handcuffs, was brought to a disciplinary responsibility for what they allegedly left the detainee unsupervised.

The investigating authorities of the Chuvash Republic 24 times refused to initiate criminal proceedings against the police 23 times these regulations has repealed the heads of investigators. The recent refusal of the district court upheld that decision was confirmed by the Supreme court of the Chuvash Republic.

The court in Strasbourg recognized the refusals to Institute criminal proceedings against the police violation of article 3 of the European Convention for the protection of human rights.

The ECtHR found a violation and the fact that Leonid Petrov actually arrested on 6 October 2006, while technically a measure of restraint in form of arrest he was only elected four days later. In addition, the court pointed out, according to the Criminal procedure code, the minutes must be drawn up within three hours of arrest, and the detainee was “interrogated” for five hours.

The European court found a violation of article 5 of the Convention that in the hospital, Petrov was handcuffed to the bed and was in custody.

The human rights organization “Area law” is dozens of cases in different regions of Russia, including concerning assistance to terminally ill prisoners and prisoners support to political activists, and torture in the colonies and the police, about a medical error with serious consequences.

The ECHR awarded € 23 thousand to the inhabitant of Cheboksary who was abused in the police 11.10.2016

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