The European court of human rights (ECHR) ordered Russia to pay a total of about 5.5 thousand euros compensation “to the New newspaper” in the case of publication on the sunken submarine “Kursk”</u>. The court found a violation of the right to freedom of expression, according to a press release on the website of the court.

“The ECHR unanimously held that the case was… had been a violation of article 10 of the European Convention on human rights (freedom of expression),” – said in the decree.

2.5 million euros will go to Finance costs, 3 thousand euros for the compensation of non – material and legal costs.

“The new newspaper” and its employee Elena Milashina filed a complaint that the Russian courts had violated their right to freedom of expression, accusing them of spreading false information in articles about the sunken submarine “Kursk”.

“We have 11 years waiting for the decision of the ECHR, and the only question now was, if not forgotten about us. The current solution was obvious, because we in the publication quoted the relatives of the dead submariners. We simply retell about the pressure on lawyers, and then on the paper. All this pressure was orchestrated campaign to not give to tell about it”, – told RBC Milashina.

“This is our second complaint. In Strasbourg lies first in the case “Kursk”. The most principled. It concerns the falsification of the duration of the lives of 23 sailors in the ninth compartment,” said the journalist in his Facebook. She also complained that “the New newspaper” “years of dragging the subject that scored all”.

In 2005, representatives of the Ministry of defense and Main military Prosecutor’s office filed a lawsuit against the newspaper and Milashina. As explained on the website of the newspaper, the reason for the suit was the dissemination of information that the relatives of the deceased submariners filed a complaint to the ECHR, as in Russia, are unable to pursue a criminal case into the death APRK “Kursk” with 118 crew members.

Also in his complaint, the relatives demanded to recognize that the Russian state violated the right to life of their relatives, because they could not organize an effective rescue of 23 sailors in the ninth compartment of the Kursk, who lived after the explosions on the submarine for several days. The court satisfied the claim of the Ministry of defense and the PRT.

The death of the Kursk occurred on 12 August 2000 in 11 hours 28 minutes 26 seconds Moscow time. The submarine was in the Barents sea for exercises – conventionally it is attacked by a cruise missile “Granite” squadron led by the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and the flagship of the fleet nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great”. After a few hours, “Kursk” was to finish off the imaginary enemy training torpedoes. However, according to the official version, one of the shells exploded. From the explosion detonated other munitions.

Most of the crew died almost immediately. However, the 23 sailors were able to take refuge in the ninth compartment, where, according to some, was waiting for assistance for several days. Rescue work was carried out by forces of the Northern fleet and took place in the period 13 to 24 August, but were unsuccessful.

The ECHR ordered Russia to pay the “Novaya Gazeta” 5.5 thousand euros for violation of freedom of expression on the submarine “Kursk” 03.10.2017

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