The European court of human rights (ECHR) as a priority consider the case of Russian activist Ildar Dading, who has previously complained of beatings and assault in the Karelian corrective colony N7 of Segezha. Earlier, the convict was visited by the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova.

“The court gave priority to the application in accordance with paragraph 41 of the rules of the court”, – said the “Russian service BBC” in a press-service of the court. In accordance with paragraph referenced by European officials, the ECHR takes into account the urgency of certain requests when prioritizing their consideration.

A key fact when considering the urgency of the proceedings is a potential threat to the life or health of the claimant or his family. The application Dading, who complained of torture in the Karelian colony, deemed to be urgent, stressed to reporters.

November 3, authorized under the President of the Russian Federation for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova expressed surprise at the absence at work of the head of the Karelian corrective colony No. 7 in Segezha Sergei Cassava during the investigation of complaints Ildar Dading to beatings and torture and had submitted a proposal for the transfer of a prisoner to another colony.

“It would be appropriate to translate Ildar Dading to serve his sentence in another colony,” – said Moskalkova. According to her, she has already made a proposal to transfer the Dading “to another correctional facility, regardless of the results of verification of complaints.” “The conflict between him and the leadership of the colony in any case emerged, so it is better to translate,” explained the Ombudsman.

After a visit Moskalkova the Dading was taken for examination at the city hospital of Petrozavodsk, to find out what him had a fit during a meeting with representatives of the Public oversight Commission (POC) and physicians. Dadina at the hospital did an MRI and EEG.

Earlier media has published a letter Dading, in which he stated about torture and humiliation in prison. Torture, according to him, were applied on 11 and 12 September 2016. In early November, after the scandal that erupted in connection with his letter, the independent physicians who examined the prisoner, found his injury, and the Deputy Director of Federal service of execution of punishments of the Russian Federation Valery Maksimenko promised to admit into the colony any expertise, although it agreed that “after death threats, rape, and after dipping his head in the toilet, no trace to remain.” The Investigative Committee also confirmed the allegation of torture, but the study of the records of video cameras is not finished.

Ildar Dading was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participation in opposition rallies – four in 2014. He remains the only convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. The first consideration of the case he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony, although the prosecution had asked only for two years. March 31, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

The ECHR urgently consider a complaint Ildar Dading assault in the Karelian colony 04.11.2016

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