In London in the Embassy of Ecuador began the questioning of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on charges of rape committed in 2010, according to Reuters. The Prosecutor of Sweden Ingrid Isgren arrived at the Embassy, ask him questions through the Ecuadorian Prosecutor.

Any interview during a visit to London, the Swedish Prosecutor will not give due to the fact that the preliminary investigation is confidential, the report said the Swedish Prosecutor’s office to the press.

According to the lawyer of Assange Pen Samuelson, questioning the allotted three days. “The interrogation will take place from 10:00 to 13:00, then lunch until 14:30. And then from 14:30 to 17:00. Nobody knows whether there is enough these days”, – told TASS the lawyer.

Assange, are opposed to the United States publishing many secret documents, was granted asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy in August 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden for rape. Last week the government of Ecuador granted permission to interview Assange and set a date – November 14. The legal basis for interrogation was signed by Sweden and Ecuador in December 2015 the agreement on cooperation in the fight against crime.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ecuador, Guillaume long in an interview with news Agency Press Association said that Ecuador never interfered with any legal process in Sweden. “We just asked from Sweden and the UK guarantees that Mr. Assange will not be extradited to a third country where he may be prosecuted for his journalistic work” (quoted by Sky News).

Marianne Nor in charge of the investigation in Sweden, said he would not comment on the investigation because “it was confidential” but added: “I welcome the fact that the investigation can now move forward thanks to conversation with the suspect”.

The lawyer fears a distortion readings in translation

Assange’s lawyer Per Samuelson has told RIA “news”that he “eagerly” waiting for this interview. “He was asking for more than six years,” said Samuelson. According to him, that on the organization of the interrogation took a lot of years, solely the fault of the prosecution. “We will insist on cancellation of the arrest warrant and the termination of the preliminary investigation,” – said the lawyer.

Yesterday in an interview with REN TV Samuelson said that in addition to the many formalities that must be followed, there is one problem that can hinder the investigators to correctly understand the testimony of Assange.

The lawyer believes that the evidence will be distorted due to the translation into several languages. “The questions will be in written form in Spanish. They are transferred to English, then Spanish and finally in Swedish. Because of this, misunderstandings may arise. We do our best to Julian Assange successfully testified and proved to all that he did in Sweden is nothing bad”, – the lawyer explained.

According to the defense of Assange, the interview may finally solve the problem with the accusations against the WikiLeaks founder and to give him the opportunity to leave the walls of the Embassy where he is hiding.

“We want to ensure that the Swedish Prosecutor had no more excuses to continue the preliminary investigation. After questioning tomorrow it will not have the excuse that she has not taken the testimony of Julian Assange. She will be cornered and forced to do something. We firmly believe that she must close the preliminary inquiry, this is our demand,” said the lawyer.

During the interrogation of Julian Assange can take a DNA sample for matching with samples in the case. The lawyer said he did not fully understand the meaning of re-collect a DNA sample Assange, but if you need to release, it will be done. “We don’t know why they do it. In 2010, the British police had taken his DNA sample, so they have everything. We don’t understand, why do it again. Last year he agreed to do it again because he had nothing to fear,” said the lawyer.

As noted in the Twitter WikiLeaks, after Swedish prosecutors six years refused to consider the testimony of Assange, because of statements via video link or in the territory of the Embassy, the suspect for the first time in had the opportunity to Express their position.

Assange called the charges politically motivated. Australian fears Sweden will deport him to the US where he faces up to 35 years in prison or the death penalty for publication of secret documents of the state Department. In September 2014, Assange has addressed the UN with a request to examine his situation. He announced the intention to surrender to the police, if international organizations make a decision not in his favor.

In the midst of the election campaign in the United States, the government of Ecuador has imposed partial restrictions on access to the Internet, Assange after the publication of secret documents about the elections and dirt on presidential candidates, in particular excerpts of private performances, Hillary Clinton, during meetings with representatives of major US banks, the texts of which she refused to provide the media.

The Embassy of Ecuador in London began questioning Assange in rape case 14.11.2016

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