Early in the morning on 21 October investigators of the Investigative Committee searched the apartment of the press Secretary of the Foundation “Legal initiative for Russia” Ksenia Babich. The search was conducted in the case of Artem Skoropadsky – the press-Secretary of the banned in Russia organization “Right sector”. The journalist in the course of investigation seized all electronic media. The operatives also presented Babich the agenda on interrogation to which the representative of the Fund went after the search.

About the visit of SC to the apartment to Babich told journalist Ilya Shepelin on his page in Facebook. He noted that the search is carried out in the case of Skoropadsky. “Mr. Skoropadsky studied at the Moscow journalism, and now hardly ever return to Russia, but the UK is organizing another trial with the accused, which they do not (Yes, such processes in Russia are not uncommon, when the dock is empty, and they imposed a strict sentence), but the materials it needed,” – said the journalist.

Shepelin noted that investigators began to “batter the door” Babich from six in the morning. Initially, the reporter was informed that to search the apartment of the press Secretary of the legislative initiative came ten operatives. Later Shepelin saidthat the search was a seven employees of SK. “Checked in a Studio apartment all the way down to the insoles in the shoes,” said the journalist.

Shepelin has made another amendment: Babich studied in the same faculty with Skoropadsky, not on a single year of journalism. “But somehow try typing on a criminal case of a character who lives somewhere abroad”, – said the journalist.

The search ended with the confiscation of all electronic means. “Means of communication she had left with only the intercom,” summed up Shepelin. “And such a cute item. Xenia managed to write about it (about the search. – Approx. NEWSru.com) post on Facebook, but then the resourceful officer seized her phone and this post deleted”, – said a journalist.

In addition, Shepelin posted to Facebook a photo of the summons for questioning, which investigators presented Babich during a search. “Now, let’s say, hated it more or less, except that now she’s going in for questioning to the Investigative Committee”, – the journalist added.

Also a photo of the agenda laid out by the journalist of Russian service “Radio Liberty” Sergey Khazov-Cassia.

Press Secretary of the “Legal initiative” asked Shepelina to note in Facebook that during the search “the man with the good name of law enforcement – Lieutenant Colonel Yezhov – ate all the ginger cookies from the kitchen table”.

He Skoropadskyi, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” stated that Babic was not related neither to the “Right sector”, nor to politics. “Ksenia we have known for years 12-13, but the meaning of the situation that she had nothing to do with the SS or the Ukrainian nationalist movement, or to politics. It’s just a girl, with which we are familiar, from time to time communicated”, – said the press Secretary of “Right sector”.

Skoropadsky assumed that his other friends “in Moscow is not found”. “Plus – it was, as I understand it, the reporter “112 Ukraine”. Ksenia Babich is really my friend, but politics has nothing to do. We studied at one faculty, but at different times, she’s younger”, he said.

On the website of the legislative initiative it is reported that Babic works in the Fund on the creation of media strategy and maintains relations between journalists and lawyers. Employee NCOs graduated from the faculty of journalism and more than 10 years worked as a journalist in Moscow mass media: as an editor at RBC, “Arguments and facts”, the project “Snob and Open Democracy. Also Babich during the year, was a reporter for the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. Now, according to TV channel, the journalist runs his freelance correspondent.

The TFR of 30 September 2016 has opened a criminal case against the leaders of the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Right sector”, reported the press service of the Investigative Committee. The defendants were the founder of the movement Dmitry jarosz Andrei Tarasenko, Andrew Stanecki, Valery Voronov and Skoropadsky. They are charged with organisation of extremist activity (part 1 of article 282.2 of the criminal code).

In Russia “Right sector” was declared by the court as extremist organization, its activities on the territory of the country is prohibited. The Yarosh investigated several criminal cases, including charges of incitement of terrorist activity in connection with the Chechen separatists in the early 1990-ies. Yarosh was declared by Russia in the international wanted list.

“Right sector” – initially an informal Association of a number of radical nationalist organizations of Ukraine, members of which participated in the protests in Kiev in November 2013. March 22, 2014 on the basis of “Right sector” was created by the same Ukrainian political party. Its leader was Yarosh, who is also a people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Advisor to the Supreme commander of the Armed forces of Ukraine. He nominated his candidacy for presidential elections in Ukraine in may 2014. In December 2015 Yarosh has announced the release of the “Right sector” and the creation of a new movement called “Statist initiative Yarosh”.

The employee of Fund “the Legal initiative across Russia” came with a search warrant in the case of the press Secretary “Right sector” 21.10.2016

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